With a short fantasy turn around this week with the Thanksgiving games, let’s jump right in and look at last weeks picks:


Robert Kelley: 24 carries, 137 rushing yards, three touchdowns, 31 fantasy points

Sterling Shepard: Five catches, 50 receiving yards, one touchdown, 11 fantasy points

Cameron Meredith: Four catches, 49 receiving yards, four fantasy points


James White: No rushing stats, Six catches, 63 receiving yards, one touchdown, 12 fantasy points

Corey Coleman: Four catches, 39 receiving yards, four fantasy points

Mohamed Sanu: Two catches, 12 receiving yards, one fantasy point

Where I Was Wrong: James White saw big numbers with receptions in the backfield, including a touchdown, but this may be a fluke game against a weak San Fransisco team. Meredith also had a less than stellar game in his first one without Alshon Jeffery, but keep him around another week to see if he’ll grow into the role.

Where I Was Right: Rob Kelley BALLED OUT in primetime against a weak Green Bay defense, and now has sole control of carries out of the Redskins backfield. Sterling Shepard also had good game, recording yet another touchdown and double-digit fantasy outing. Coleman and Sanu had less than impressive outings as well, justifying the Waiver label.

Let’s get down to these picks, cause I know y’all got turkey to eat. Since I have turkey to eat as well, this week is a shortened Waive or Win. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Spark Sports.

Winner: Wendall Smallwood, Philidelphia Eagles

Last Week: 13 carries, 48 rushing yards, seven fantasy points

Percentages: 36% ownership, 7.5% starting

Why They’re A Winner: With a decimated Eagles backfield and Sproles primary use as backfield receiver, Smallwood stands as the only viable Eagles running back. A matchup against a weak Green Bay defense this week could mean a solid game for Smallwood, so he’s a viable starter in almost all fantasy leagues

Waiver: Derrick Henry, RB Tennessee Titans

Last Week: Zeroes across the board

Percentages: 47% ownership, 3.8% starting

Why You Waive Them: Henry is still a Waiver after I first gave him that designation back in Week 4, so I’m really only putting him here to say it louder for the people in the back. HENRY IS NOT A FANTASY OPTION. There, I said it.

Winner: DeSean Jackson, WR Washington Redskins

Last Week: Four catches, 51 receiving yards, one touchdown, 11 fantasy points

Percentages: 70% ownership, 21% starting

Why They’re A Winner: DeSean found himself back in fantasy owners good graces after a good showing against Green Bay last Sunday night. I see a big game in Jackson’s future today against Dallas, so he’s definitely worth last minute WR3 consideration

Waiver: Ty Mongomery, RB/WR Green Bay Packers

Last Week: Three catches, 27 receiving yards, Four carries, 17 rushing yards, three fantasy points

Percentages: 51% ownership, 5.9% starting

Why You Waive Them: Montgomery, while his potential as a dual option weapon is there, has yet to capitalize on his new role the way fantasy owners hope. As a running back, he’s only good as a handcuff to Starks. As a receiver, he deserves a bench spot until further notice.

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