1. Philadelphia Eagles

The defending champs take the #1 spot on these WAYYYY too early power rankings. They are the champs, and with Wentz coming back, look for them to stay up here for a while.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are really good. They just somehow couldn’t beat Jacksonville at home, twice. Look for them to get back to the AFC Championship. For that, they take the second spot in our rankings.

3. New England Patriots

There is only one reason why the Patriots are behind the Steelers. Brady potentially will not play as well as he did last year (which wasn’t all that great anyways). Look for them to stay in the top 5 all year in our rankings.

4. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are arguably the best team in the NFC. With Matty ice behind center, and an emerging defense… look for the Falcons to make another run at it all next year.

5. Green Bay Packers

We have the Packers at 5 because, well… Aaron Rodgers will be back, and healthy. They could drop, or move up depending on how their defense shapes up this year.

6. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings won the NFC North last year, but lets face the fact that the NFC North was not as strong as it has been. With Rodgers back, look for the Pack and Vikings to go at it this upcoming year.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have to be heavy favorites to win the AFC South again. It all really boils down to how Bortles plays, and if Fournette keeps it up. It’ll be really interesting to see if the Jags can put together another year like last year.

8. New Orleans Saints

It’s too early to predict how the Saints will do next year. But what we can tell you is their defense is young and highflying. If Drew Brees stays, they will be good. If they lose him, well, the NFC South gets a little less tough.

9. Los Angeles Rams

The LA Rams take the ninth spot in our rankings. Goff and Gurley had INSANE years, so look for them to tone it down a bit. The defense is also shaky at times… if they pull it all together maybe, just maybe they won’t be one and done in the playoffs again.

10. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are so hard to judge. Is Super MVP Cam going to show up? Or is bad Cam going to show up? Your guess is as good as mine. The stellar defensive play has them at 10th, but it all comes down to Cam and that offense.

11. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are on the upswing. They can compete with the Jags for the AFC South. Mariota can throw himself into the elite status of QB’s with another good year and playoff birth. The only question mark of the Titans? Defense.

12. Houston Texans

Once again, the Texans are on the rise. They can compete with the Jags for the AFC South title. A healthy Watson, and Watt? I’d take that any day, and look forward to watching them work this upcoming season.

13. Dallas Cowboys

Oh boy, how bout them Cowboys? America’s team always finds themselves in the middle of the pack. How can they move up our rankings? Two things: Dak Prescott needs to play better and Dez needs to be the threat we all know he can be. But for now, they sit in the middle of the pack.

14. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders also find themselves around the middle of the pack. If Derek Carr can stay healthy, they are heavy favorites to win the AFC West, but I can’t see them doing anything in the playoffs. Gruden will turn them into contenders, just not this year.

15. Seattle Seahawks

The question with the Seahawks has always been the defense. What will Sherman, Thomas and Bennett do? They have an MVP caliber QB, but nothing to surround him with. And for those reasons, the Seahawks sit at fifteen in our rankings.

16. Detroit Lions

Can the Lions continue to improve the roster that will finally take them over the hump? 9-7 in the past two seasons, they fall right into the middle of the pack.

17. San Francisco 49ers

As a late surge came upon with Jimmy Garrapolo to end 2017 on a 5-game winning streak, the 49ers seem to have a promising future at QB. With a bright, young GM & HC to the franchise as well, expect their growth to continue.

18. Baltimore Ravens 

Though the defense has pieces to keep the Ravens in playoffs talks, their offense still lacks much to take that next step. Do they stay with Flacco for another year?

19. Los Angeles Chargers

One of the few teams that have a lot to be excited about with their young talent. However, the team continues to get their hopes diminished early throughout the years. Maybe they finally stay healthy and make a serious push?

20. Denver Broncos

With trades looming over quality players on both sides of the ball and a question mark on who is going to be the starting QB, the Broncos are a wildcard as to what expect in 2018.

21. Washington Redskins

The potential lies for the Redskins, but history tells us differently. As Alex Smith is the expected starter for Washington, what are they going to do with Kirk Cousins? Also, just like the Chargers, will they escape the injury bug next year?

22. Buffalo Bills

The mishandling of Tyrod Taylor in 2017 leaves many believing he will hit the free agent market. A new QB with minimal weapons could set the Bills back to a .500 season at best.

23. Arizona Cardinals

The retirements of both former QB Carson Palmer and HC Bruce Arians has the Cardinals in full rebuild mode. David Johnson may have to carry the ball 350 times.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A very underwhelming performance last year will demand a strong offseason in every facet of the Buccaneers team if they wish to improve.

25. Kansas City Chiefs

The departures of Alex Smith and OC Matt Nagy leaves the keys to this offense in the hands of Patrick Mahomes. Kendall Fuller should be an immediate boost for their secondary, but can they quickly turnaround with the losses listed above?

26. New York Giants

Possibly the most disappointing team in 2017. Question after question surfaces as to what direction the Giants will head into. Newly HC Pat Shurmur and GM Dave Gettleman are smart additions to the sidelines and front office, but the personnel is still lacking much within the team.

27. Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis was extended.

28. Miami Dolphins

Forcing QB Ryan Tannehill to come back early from an injury may have put the Dolphins in a bind for years to come. Will Jarvis Landry stay put? Can they stay away from becoming headlines in the media?

29. Indianapolis Colts

The sudden decline of Patriots OC Josh McDaniels to become the new head coach could have been a blessing in disguise. Now acquiring Frank Reich from the Eagles as the HC, and with Chris Ballard as GM, the Colts are in a good place. The roster just needs a lot of work, and nobody knows the status of Andrew Luck’s shoulder.

30. Chicago Bears

A surprise in their defense with new talent should have Bears fans excited as to what is to come on that side of the ball. With a young QB in Mitchell Trubisky and a need for a few more players from making any type of noise, the Bears enter in at 30.

31. New York Jets

As far as this coaching staff and offense is from the rest of this league, is as far as the Jets are as a team. Will they draft a new QB, or possibly trade Kirk Cousins?

32. Cleveland Browns

Only having one win in the past two seasons, the Browns find themselves in the same spot that they have been in recent years. Who will be the lucky individual to get their name called first in Dallas for the 2018 draft?