“Hold on a second, didn’t he just put out one of these review things last week?”

Alright you caught me. Yeah I did a week 10/11 review on Sunday, but now that I am getting back into the groove of writing these weekly articles, might as well review what we just saw this weekend. The Pats lost, possibly in more than one way! Da Bears beat the Packers, and the Cowboys watched their season go down in flames. This week was a very informative week for fans. We got a good look at every team, and there were many lessons to be taken away from it:

  1. There may be something wrong with the Packers. Yes the Bears are a good team, better than many think they are, but  this has been happening for the last month or so. The receivers are having a hard time getting open, they are missing Jordy, and that is limiting Rodgers‘ ability to be special. Lacy not being a top 10 back killed them, as does not having an elite defense. Rodgers is one of the best players in the league, but if the Packers can’t figure it out as a team they could be headed home early if they make the playoffs
  2. Speaking of the Bears, it is a real possibility that they could win out and end up in the playoffs. Honest confession: I did not think they would be in the playoffs this year. I thought they would end up around 7 wins for the season. They have not only proved me wrong, but have played themselves into contention after their 0-3 start. Even if they don’t make it, Bears fans have plenty to be optimistic about for the next few years… and that includes Cutler(it’s ok to admit you like him and that he is playing well, it’s the truth).
  3. Copied from my article from Sunday but I think it warrants repeating: Re: the Romo injury. If he is indeed out for the year, can we rule out karma as the cause of the injury. By now, it is basically fact that Jerry Jones sold his sold to win a Super Bowl took a gamble on Greg Hardy in order to advance further in the playoffs. He has been a productive player, but the off the field stuff has completely overshadowed anything he has done on it. In my psychology class this year, we learned about the just world theory, whch means exactly what it sounds like. It states that good things happen to people who deserve them, and bad things happen to those who deserve them. Now, I don’t know if Jerry Jones is a bad person, but at the same time I have a good idea. This tweet exists and went viral for a reason. I root for Romo, but I think his injury was karma for Jerry Jones. He got to see how good his team could have been this season, only to have it taken away from him. Karma. update: the Cowboys aren’t putting Romo on season ending IR because they believe he could play in the playoffs if the team were to make it. I don’t know what paint Jerry was sniffing today, but they aren’t making the playoffs. Did he watch those games started by Cassel/Weeden, or was he too busy meeting with the devil?
  4. Who is going to win the NFC East? Well not Dallas, and Philly sure looks like it is limping towards the finish line, so am I just supposed to believe that Washington is the team to beat? I’ll take the Giants even though Washington beat them on Sunday.
  5. The Cardinals continued their disappointing pattern of playing well for games against good teams(Seattle, Cincy), and then playing poorly against teams they should destroy(San Fran). On top of that they lost CJ2k, which is a major blow to their running game. Hopefully the guys behind him can play well, but if they can’t the path for the Panthers just got a little easier. I still think a Cardinals/Panthers game would be great fun to watch, but now the Cardinals have a rushing attack that is less scary.
  6. The Pats should have a long talk about just shutting down Gronk for the rest of the regular season, or perhaps having him play a half in week 17. He is the most valuable player on their team other than that Brady guy, and they can’t win a Super Bowl without him. With the Patriots expected to get Edelman back around playoff time, having a healthy Gronk would really help keep this Pats offense as dangerous as possible. Just keeping gronk out for three weeks could help keep him fresh for the playoffs as well.
  7. Dear Cleveland, last night was a prime reason of what is wrong with your franchise. No not the way you lost, which was horrific, but the fact that you left Manziel sitting on the bench after Josh McCown got hurt. Sure you could make the case that Austin Davis ended up throwing a game-tying TD, but the Browns still ended up losing so it did not matter too much. The Browns are going to be in play for the first pick in the NFL draft, and could be in a position to take one of the QBs that enter the draft- Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff. But before they spend another first round pick on a QB, it would be nice to know if the one you took just two years ago is a part of your immediate future or not. Manziel needs to be starting for the Browns(I said as much on the Utalk app) so the Browns can potentially avoid wasting another first rounder. By sticking to their guns on benching Johnny, the Browns could be costing themselves down the road, and no one in the organization seems to understand that. And that may be the most Browns thing of all.

Power Rankings through 12 weeks:

  1. Panthers
  2. Patriots
  3. Broncos
  4. Cardinals
  5. Bengals
  6. Vikings
  7. Steelers
  8. Packers(my pick for the TNF game as well)
  9. Chiefs
  10. Seahawks

non NFL thoughts for the week:

  1. That’s a lot of money for David Price, but the Red Sox desperately needed an ace. Price should be good for the next few years. The playoff numbers concern you, but the Red Sox would like to go back to the playoffs and then worry about his performance there
  2. Goodbye and good luck Jordan Zimmermann, thanks for giving me one of the coolest sporting events I have seen. That no-hitter was amazing. Enjoy Detroit!
  3. Lets hope the last 66 games of Kobe Bryant’s career do not go the same way that the first 16 of this season is going. I also like the idea of having his statue unveiled during the last home game. That instantly becomes the most exciting part of this Lakers season, unless they get the top pick. Kobe is arguably one of the top 10 players of all time(I generally subscribe to Bill Simmons’s pyramid as a guide), and deserves a proper sendoff.
  4. Although it is slim, my Buckeyes still have a shot to get to the CFB playoff. However, if Alabama and Clemson both win, that shot is gone. It appears that the winner of the big 10 title game will be in, as will Oklahoma. For the Heisman, it looks like Derrick henry will be the favorite to win it I don’t think he has been the best player in college football this year. Not sure who I think should win it, Baker Mayfield maybe, but I am pretty sure Henry is not that player.

Ted Van Green(@TVG_5)

Spark Sports NFL Analyst