Well… that sucked. Week 2 of the NFL proved why “Any Given Sunday” is a thing. Not only were my picks bad, nearly all of my fantasy teams were awful last week. Just across the board, Week2 was not that kind to me, or many people probably. Let’s survey the damage done:

So I picked the Rams in eliminator… and that did not go well. Pigskin Pickem? I really don’t want to talk about it, but just know that I may or may not have gone 6-10. That brings my yearly total to 17-15. Still above .500, but not looking great after my 11-5 start. To add insult to injury, I went 2-4 in fantasy last week. Nearly anything that could have went wrong did go wrong. I scored 21 points in one league. 21 POINTS!!!! How you may ask? Well I started Bradford, Hill, Hyde, Mike Evans, N. Agholor, Travis Kelce, and Ameer Abdullah. Also add in the Ravens D, plus we play with coaches(3 points for a loss), and I started the Dolphins head coach, finally I had B. McManus, so yeah I got royally screwed in that league. Hard to win when the score provided by half of your starter is -7. It is arguably the worst loss in fantasy that I will ever have for the rest of my life. But this week I get Le’Veon Bell and Alshon Jeffery back, I will make some adjustments and move on. Alright, I’ll stop talking about my fantasy team, no one really cares. Moral of the story was last week was awful for me picks-wise.

For the Thursday night game, The redskins and the Giants clash in a game that, a week ago, did not appear that interesting. Now that the Eagles may or may not be a dumpster fire, and the Cowboys are without two of their most valuable offensive pieces, although you could argue their offensive line is their most valuable offensive player(yes I know their line is 5 players but it is so good). However, now that the NFC East appears wide-open, I still think the Eagles or Cowboys wins the division though(more on this to come later when I actually have time to sit down and think about it), this game all the sudden has some meaning. With all of that being said, give me the Giants over the Redskins.

Let’s just briefly turn our attention to my beloved Chicago Bears. This last week has not been great for the Bears, after falling to 0-2, nearly every major media outlet had them dead last in their power ranking. The Bears also currently have the best shot of getting the top pick in the 2016 draft. Now, does this really mean anything on September 23rd after only two games? Not really. The Bears offense has actually looked pretty good with Jay Cutler in the lineup, no really! They are 5th in rushing yards for game so far, and 8th in total yards. It is worth noting that Cutler was 8/8 for 120 yards and a TD. Oh yeah, he was also the team’s leading rusher. It was clear that Cutler was helping to keep the Bears in the game. At the time of his INT it was 21-14 Arizona, victory for Chicago was no sure thing, but it definitely would have been a close game until the end. But then Jimmy Clausen came in, and oh boy, it did not look good.

I am worried about my Bears on Sunday. They are travelling to Seattle to play a pissed off 0-2 Seattle team that very well could be 2-0 at this point. What’s that? It is likely that Jimmy Clausen is going to start at qb(cutler was not ruled out Thursday, but I am nearly positive that he won’t play Sunday). Also Alshon Jeffery will probably be questionable unless he has a great next wto days of full practice. So on Sunday, the Seahawks really could load up the box with eight men and dare Clausen to beat them. Oh also Kam Chancellor is making his triumphant return this Sunday. Great, he is going to look good against Clausen and company(especially if Jeffery is out).

While I will always support my Bears, and root for them with all my heart, this Sunday I just have an awful feeling about this week(Sunday picks sneak peek: The Seahawks are my eliminator pick). Hopefully Clausen can prove me wrong, but I along with many other smart Bears fans will believe it when they see it. Hopefully Cutler can return against Oakland, but that is TBD.

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Ted Van Green

Spark Sports NFL Analyst