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I spoke with 2 Redskins fans to ask them about the now backup QB Rober Griffin III.

“What do you want to see next with RG3?”

@tylerbyrd96 spoke with me & said
RG3 deserves a chance to start elsewhere, but he doesn’t need to be traded somewhere where he’ll be asked to do it all immediately like a Buffalo or a New York Jets. Needs somewhere he can play comfortably and gain some of the confidence back that was ruined by Washington management.

@spydeyswebb had this say without a stutter
I want to see him gone. Tired of the circus he’s brought upon himself. Let someone else worry about him. I think he’s a bust at this point.

As what happens with RG3 officially…we will have to wait and see. His days in a Redskins uniform appear to be doomed. On the other hand,we’re speaking about Washington here.Some offensive talent,with a messy QB situation.
Stop messing around & just give him the good-bye treatment already.

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Jay Dee

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