After three seasons in Philadelphia, the Chip Kelly experiment is officially over. It’s no question that the Eagles’ roster is worse now than it was three years ago when Kelly took the helm, and the results on the field back that up. Each season the team averaged fewer points per game and yards per play, while the number of turnovers increased. Without doubt, Chip Kelly the GM failed Chip Kelly the coach and the entire Eagles’ organization.

Much have the discussion has been about the future of Chip Kelly, but what about the Eagles? Where do they go from here?

The Eagles main priority this offseason should be bringing in a coach who runs a more traditional offense scheme that utilizes their high priced running back DeMarco Murray, who, in my opinion will be back with the Eagles now that Kelly is out of the picture. Some potential names to consider for the Eagles’ coaching position would be Kyle Shanahan, Hue Jackson, or Josh McDaniels.

After securing their coach they need to find a quarterback, specifically they need to decide if Sam Bradford is their guy. If he isn’t, than who is? Some potential names to consider could be AJ McCarron (via trade), Jimmy Garoppolo (via trade), or Jared Goff (via the draft). The bottom line here is this; if the Eagles decide they are going to move on from Sam Bradford then they need to find their quarterback of the future.

One bright spot for the Eagles is their defense. Now, I know the numbers don’t show it, but the Eagles’ defense is really good. It’s not their fault they were on the field 40 minutes per game under Chip Kelly. With a more traditional offense, the Eagles’ defense will not be on the field as much, which will result in a more consistent defense that we often saw from the early season Eagles during the Chip Kelly era.

The Eagles have a lot of work to do this offseason, but the results might not show up for a few seasons. Eagles’ fans will have to temper their high expectations.


Sean Mason

Spark Sports NFL Analyst