1,994 Yards. 16 Touchdowns. Ezekiel Elliott was an absolute monster last season. The craziest part about this? Elliott was only a rookie.

He was unstoppable. Performing at an incredible level. Time after time, he continued to prove himself. Nobody’s stopping him. Get out the way!

Ezekiel Elliott finished 2nd among RBs in fantasy scoring last season, and nothing is holding him back from finishing in 1st this time around.

During the 6 Cowboys’ OTAs and their mandatory minicamp, Elliott has looked better than ever. The only thing on his mind is to become a better second-level runner. He wants to surpass his stellar rookie season performance, and he’ll do whatever it takes in order to do so.

Zeke’s number one focus this offseason is to work on his passing game. He wants to impact the game in every way possible. Running all over defenses isn’t enough. He wants to be more involved in Dallas’ passing game as well.

Look what he was already able to do. Who knows what’s to come for Zeke’s passing game this upcoming season. Eliott is continuously studying coverages to gain a better understanding of where he can find creases to make more plays in the passing game.

Running Backs Coach Gary Brown on Elliott: “I’ve seen him be more into his craft, and that’s a great thing. In his classroom work, the questions he asks. His approach out on the practice field. It’s all going in the right direction.”

Starting Quarterback Dak Prescott on Elliott: “I know his focus is the same as mine: just being better. He goes out every day and we make mistakes and we make mistakes together, but I’ve seen in his eyes, see it in his demeanor, his hunger to fix that. So he’s just worrying about getting better in every way. He wants to be the best pass-blocker. He wants to be the best running back, the best receiving running back that he can. And he goes out every day and puts in the work. I don’t think he’s worried about the expectations of others. It’s about his expectations that he has for himself.”

Ezekiel Elliott has set himself his own expectations. He doesn’t care what everyone else expects from him. He just wants to perform and meet his own expectations, which is to be the best all-around back in the league.

Elliott is not the only one who wants himself to be more involved in the passing game. Cowboys’ GM Jerry Jones feels the same way. “He’s got great hands. He’s really problematic for defenses in the passing game. Every time we can get him the ball I feel good about it.”

Elliott was targeted only 39 times (ranked 30th in the league), and ended up turning 32 receptions into 363 yards. Expect to see a lot more of Ezekiel Elliott in the passing game in the 2017 season.

After leading the league in rushing yards last season, Elliott is not satisfied. He is determined to further improve his running and passing game before the season begins.

With that being said, Ezekiel Elliott will most certainly finish the 2017 NFL Season in first place among RBs in fantasy scoring. He’s the man you want on your roster. Don’t miss out.