After overcoming a 24-0 deficit, and completing the largest comeback in franchise history, Kirk Cousins asked the football world a simple question. A question that, at the time, most people weren’t prepared to answer. But could you blame them? After their triumphant win in week 7, the Redskins were heading into their bye week at a typical 3-4, playing their role in what was shaping up to be a disappointing season for the NFC East.

Picking back up in week 9 Cousins led his team to a 7-3 finish, which included two losses to potential Super Bowl opponents the Patriots and Panthers. The second half of the season for the Redskins included winning their last 4 in a row, and locking up the division title.

Besides the fact that he was completely mistreated by both Mike Shanahan and Jay Gruden, the RGIII experiment failed in Washington. The smartest move they made was selecting Cousins later in the same draft. And now, after what was a rather dramatic exit for Griffin this past week, they are ready to move forward with Cousins.

They just need to ink him a new deal.

Kirk Cousins is an above average quarterback, with elite potential. He led a battered team to the playoffs in his first full year as a starter, with a 2nd year head coach. Cousins had a successful season throwing the ball and boasted a 6-2 record at Fed Ex Field in front of their home fans. He had a higher QBR than Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Tom Brady. He also led the entire league in completion percentage at 69.8% which is an efficiency that Redskins fans have not seen in a long time at the quarterback position. Washington has not shined at QB since Mark Rypien was at the helm to win the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP in 1992. Since then, the likes of Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell, and the antiqued Mark Brunell have produced a wide variety of mainly negative results. After all that, including the RGIII debacle, they have finally found their guy. Since their Super Bowl win in 1992, they have only competed in post season play 4 times, only getting past wild card weekend once.

The future is bright for the humbled, yet intense leader. With their divisional foes in somewhat of a rebuilding phase, expect to be hearing Cousins’ new mantra for years to come once he and the Redskins organization come to terms on a new contract.

But to answer your question Captain Kirk… yeah, I do like that.


Dylan DeMasi

Spark Sports NFL Analyst