The Boston Bruins have had their fair share of obstacles throughout the beginning of the playoffs. With much of their defense plagued with injuries, the team showed its struggles following an impressive Game 1 victory. Following three straight losses, the Bruins showed great poise especially in a challenging Game 5 victory on the road. After a grinding victory, it makes many wonder if the Bruins still have a chance.

The team’s chances of coming back in the series was slim after losing in Game 4 falling to the Senators. The defense looked confused throughout the game, and struggled to score. It was concerning considering the fact that they were home, but with so many injuries on the blue line, the defense was destined to fall apart. However, the team was faced with some difficult circumstances during Game 5. A tied game heading into the first overtime, the Bruins were under plenty of pressure. It was either score and keep the season alive, or head straight to the offseason. The team was able to stay alive another period after both teams were held without scoring during the first overtime. After a gritty first overtime period, the team fought through and scored to secure their second victory of the season. With an imposing victory over the Senators, the Bruins showed they could handle the pressure.

Even with all of the injuries, the team has shown great determination to fight through them. The team is slowly getting healthier with Torey Krug and Adam McQuaid getting closer to returning and Collin Miller getting back involved during the game 5 victory. As a fully healthy team, the Bruins are a team to look out for, and one more victory will get them closer to completing a comeback. Lead by rookie Charlie McAvoy, the Bruins’ lack of talent at the position has turned into a group filled with great potential and perseverance. If the defense continues to show its strong play, and Brandon Carlo returns from injury, the team is destined for future success in the playoffs. Having one of the best goaltenders in the NHL also will help, as Tuukka Rask has delivered for the team. He delivered for a team on the brink of elimination which makes his continued success essential if the Bruins want to have a chance in the series.

To make a good comeback in a competitive series, good playmaking and scoring is essential. The Bruins have no shortage in that department as the team is loaded with talent. With Partrice Bergeron continuing to make plays for others and David Pastrnak continuing to score goals, there is plenty of offense to build off of. Having one of the top goal scorers in the league also helps as Brad Marchand delivered for the team all year. Although he hasn’t made much noise in the playoffs thus far, he is still a player to reckon with as his speed has allowed the Bruins to keep the puck moving. The leadership of former Blues captain David Backes should also help as he has plenty of playoff experience. With plenty of playmakers and leaders on the team, the Bruins could make a comeback in what was once a one sided series.

With all the leadership and experience on this Bruins team, a comeback is not out of the question. Scoring goals should not be a problem with plenty of offense on the team. They do have to go out and secure two straight victories, but the team is in good position to shock the hockey community.