For too long, under the current administration, the Boston Bruins have chosen to sit on their hands. When Peter Chiarelli was let go two years ago, it was likely a couple years too late. At the time, they chose to give Claude Julien a second chance.

During the off-season of last year, they chose to give Claude Julien a third chance. Now, with the team squandering a 3-goal lead on Wednesday night to the Red Wings, and being blanked 4-0 by the lowly Islanders earlier in the week, it’s time to kick Claude to the curb.

Sometimes, players start to tune out a voice. It happens in all sports, and in all walks of life. It’s one of the reasons Terry Francona gave, as he “resigned” as manager of the Boston Red Sox. It’s finally happening to the Bruins.

No firey speech or motivational phrases can get this Bruins team over the hump, and they’ve freely expressed at times that they weren’t ready to play. Unacceptable, and that ultimately falls on the coach.

Apparently, the Bruins plan to address this tomorrow, and by all indications will stick with their man, at least through the end of the season (unless the Blackhawks completely and utterly embarrass them tonight), as they have done time and time again.

Unfortunately, that will be yet another mistake by this organization. I publicly defended Claude when Chiarelli was fired, but I renege those sentiments now. He clearly doesn’t have the flexibility to coach around the talent he has, plays a style of hockey that doesn’t compliment his players, and suffocates good young talent in favor of mediocre veterans.

It’s time for the Neely and Sweeney to show they are ready for changes in this organization. Build up the young talent, trade off bad contracts, bring in a coach that fits better with the players you have and start a new era for Boston Bruins hockey.


cover photo c/o The Boston Globe