On Monday night, Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones told the USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that he received racial slurs last night during the Orioles 5-2 win over the Boston Red Sox.

Jones described this incident as one of the worst experiences playing in his 12-year career. Nightengale reported that Jones had a bag of peanuts thrown at him from behind the Orioles dugout by a fan and when he was playing the field, he was being bombarded with fans dropping the “N” word. This was not the first time that Jones has heard a belligerent fan yelling obscenities at him, but last night was the worst that he’s heard a long time and easily the most painful.

This whole incident is downright disgusting. This is a dark mark on Fenway Park, the fans of the Red Sox, the city of Boston, and more importantly humanity as a whole. It’s heartbreaking that racism still exists in 2017. As a fan of the Red Sox, it’s embarrassing that this happened. It brings a bad narrative to the city. I want to say that one fan does not represent the views of an entire city. I hope whoever said these things Jones feels ashamed and is filled with guilt.

The fan who threw the peanuts were ejected from the game, however, it is unclear if the fans who spewed the racist words were kicked out. According to the Red Sox, 30 people were ejected from last night’s game for various reasons but none were reported being ejected for racism comments.

Jones suggested that the punishment is more severe for bad behavior at a baseball. As of now, the worst punishment a team can give out is you can be banned for life. However, how affective is this really? All this does is prevent you from buying tickets from the team website with a credit card in your name.

This isn’t Minority Report where there’s facial recognition at the ballpark. Maybe a fine would be more suffice? But that’s a discussion for another article.

Since then the Red Sox have released a statement on the matter…

Even Mayor Marty Walsh weighed in on the subject….

You’re right Mr. Mayor, we ARE better than this. I hope that tonight’s 7:10 start when the O’s and the Sox start game two of the series, Adam Jones gets a Standing ovation in his first at-bat. That’s what the man deserves.