Manchester United to sign  Bastian Schweinsteiger
Manchester United to sign Bastian Schweinsteiger

Before this season came to a close, Manchester United had something else in mind. They wanted to and were confident in the fact that they were going to sign two or three players before their preseason began in the United States. They had no contracts set in place or anything, but they were ready and confident in recruiting great players.

The first one on United’s list was Memphis Depay. However, unfortunately for United,  Depay was signed earlier than United hoped and expected after Paris Saint-Germain quickly made a bid and the English men felt pressured to act quickly on the decision. At this point, many United Fans began to be unsteady and question the signing of the offseason for their team.

Things changed this week when they began their journey by signing Matteo Darmian, Torino’s Italian international right back, to a £12.9 million deal. The only thing a little doubtful about bringing in this guy is that the last player they brought from Torino, was the disaster of a goalkeeper in Massimo Taibi.

Damian still has to make it official, but his move to Manchester was confirmed by United agreeing to a deal that brought Germany’s captain Bastian Schweinsteiger. Now, this is something to be happy about Manchester fans!

Due to the fact that United’s goalkeeper David De Gea’s status is uncertain, striker Robin van Persie on his way to Turkey, and no defender still found, Manchester was in a little bit of a mix-up. They got that settled with fast, before angering their fans.

They still have a great deal of work to go, but the add on of Schweinsteiger really gave this club some leverage. Having the captain of the World Cup championship team is definetly a good addition. Not only will he increase the passing ability of the squad, his placement on the field is impeccable. Great, great pickup by Manchester!

When Manchester gets back on July 30 after they finish their last game in Chicago for the preseason in the United States, The Old Trafford Megastore will have time to work on the complex name of the German God.

Quick Fact: Manchester used to charge people based on the letters of their name, and now after the addition of Schweinsteiger, they started to charge by the name. Wonder why? Haha.

If United is able to pick up another great player, they will be scary this year. This signing of Schweinsteiger is a beautiful one in my opinion. But, they still need one or two more strengths to be a contender. The future is bright though, and we will see if the German national will be able to handle the hype of Manchester United. Thank you!

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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PS: I have been to Manchester and I can not wait for Schweinsteiger to have a taste of their  Bury’s famous Black Pudding. He will definitely never leaving after eating one of those!