This morning Chelsea and Crystal Palace faced off in which seemed to be an unpredictable outcome. Bakary Sako scored the first goal in the 65th minute for Palace but just eleven minutes before the final whistle Falcao put it away with an outstanding low header into the near post.

In the 88th minute Crystal Palace received a cross allowing Joel Ward to score a header only a few feet away from the goal. That secured the points for Palace and became the second loss at home Jose Mourinho has gotten at Stamford Bridge.

It’s strange to see Crystal Palace in second place and Chelsea in the middle of the standings. Usually Chelsea has been top five contender at worst, but a loss to Crystal Palace means they drop much lower in the ranks. Losing two games at home is a mistake that comes with heavy consequences.

In other BPL news, Raheem Sterling, the over 40 million euro transfer for Manchester City, scored his first goal for the club today. It was also the only goal of the game giving City the 1-0 victory over Watford who have just recently joined the BPL from the second division.

A lot of fans and journalists don’t believe that a winger like Sterling would be worth over 40 million euros but if he keeps scoring goals like these, than he is going to be very beneficial to the club. Manchester City have won all four of their games this season and are standing at the top of the tables.

Speaking of Manchester City, the young Belgian midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, will be joining the team in  a matter of days. It’s sad to see him leave a team where he made a huge difference and lead them to so many victories, but we’re happy to see him move to bigger and hopefully a better club to see what he can do when put on a higher pedestal.

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Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst

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