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If you guys didn’t already know, the man of the hour in football(soccer) is the Swiss man himself, Fifa ex-President Sepp Blatter.

Sepp Blatter confused at the mess he made!
Sepp Blatter confused at the mess he made!

After being arrested for allegations of systemic bribery and corruption throughout his years as president, Blatter is really having some “Blatter” problems.

This is not new. Blatter has been recognized as a person that is involved in sexism, homophobia, denying the existence of racism in soccer, using his capitalistic mindset in building giant stadiums at the expense of communities in poverty, and most importantly, running a corrupt organization.

I am not sure, but after listing down those ideas, I feel like I was talking about a dictator. HITLER? STALIN? MUSSOLINI? I think they might have been friends, not sure. Could be possible from how long this guy has been a Fifa President haha! No racism involved in those dictators named, they’re just known for their “well thought out” deeds against humanity.

Back to Blatter. He really knows how to talk to a woman. When Blatter was being interviewed by a female reporter about his organizations blatant history of corruption, (which is kind of a rough question) he shut her down with a disrespectful “Listen lady, when you speak about corruption, then you have to present evidence.”

Their is a disease called Delusional disorder. I am sure of the fact that you guys know what that is. I think Blatter might have a small case of that. Right after the lady heard this, she had the opportunity to say a lot, but was threatened.


You might be saying that whatever you’ve heard so far is not too corrupted, but were just getting started. A good start would be with this just-ended World Cup and the police allegations of the illegal ticket sales scheme, which is owned by a company that Blatter’s nephew has a bid in.

“Coincidentally”, Blatter came up with the decision to give a sum of 342 million pounds in contract form to his nephews company, and it wasn’t the first time.

Take a seat, were still warming up. Their is so many more “coincidences” coming.

Recent allegations show that a now disgraced Qatari ex-soccer official spent millions to influence the decision to hand Qatar the 2022 World Cup despite its history of human right absences,  lack of infrastructure, and dangerous heat levels. Former U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia is currently doing an internal investigation for FIFA of how that tournament was awarded, and is expected to file a report in the coming weeks.

Sepp Blatter and Mohamed Bin Hammam
Sepp Blatter and Mohamed Bin Hammam

Blatter, in the past, has had a history of destroying former loyalists the second they threaten his rule. For example, the Qatari ex-official mentioned above was an ally of Blatter’s, who was alleged to have used bribes in order to get Blatter elected in his first term as Fifa President in 1998. This man, Mohamed bin Hamma was banned from international soccer after he came to challenge Blatter’s President on an anti corruption stage in 2011. “Coincidentally” the same thing happened to other Blatter allys’ , Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer, after backing Hamma’s claims.

I feel bad for the guy, I really do, but he just brought it to himself.

In 2002, Fifa’s secretary general Michel Zen-Ruffinen, another ally of Blatter’s, blamed him of costing the Fifa organization $500 million through financial mismanagement, corruption, and cronyism. He also said Blatter payed a referee $25,000 and promised another $25,000 for more information on other referee’s. Smart man Blatter thinks he’s a humanitarian helping the people. He said “[Lucien] [Bouchardeau] has been left out in the cold in Africa. He said to me with tears in his eyes that he was a poor devil and had nothing left. So I gave him $25,000 of my own money, I’m too good a person.” Right after Blatter won his reelection, Zen-Ruffinen was removed.

Oh man. Ohhhhhhh man. I look at that and laugh from the huge sense of fraud and bribery in that scenario.

Blatter’s history of at the very least abetting corruption stretches back to before he was FIFA president, when he was secretary general under his now disgraced mentor João Havelange. The former FIFA president Havelange was found to have accepted millions of dollars in bribes over the course of his tenure. One year before his first election, a million dollar bribe meant for Havelange crossed Blatter’s desk, and he did nothing to report it or prevent it. Blatter said he hadn’t done anything wrong, because the commissions were not illegal at the time they were doled out. “You can’t judge the past on the basis of today’s standards,” he said. “Otherwise it would end up with moral justice.”

In a nutshell, their is so much evidence to get this man in prison for a good amount of time. But you never know, when you have that kind of money, anything is possible.

Fifa’s corruption has enabled consequences all over the world! In South Africa now, more than half of its children live in poverty, but the stadium built in 2010 is barely even used. In brazil, a $300 million, 40,000-plus seat stadium was built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest which destroyed the small homes and areas of local citizens. In Qatar, with the bribery claims it already has, hundreds of migrant workers have died working on the infrastructure of the building.

We all know that these are terrible things, but on the other end, sometimes what he says is kind of funny. The best was when he claimed that an interplanetary World Cup should exist.  He also makes a fool of himself constantly. Like the time he fell on his face, or the time he showed off his terrible dance moves, or the time he interrupted a moment of silence for Nelson Mandela. Sometimes, Blatter comes off more as a pitiful human being than a jerk. But the feeling passes rather quickly.

After many years, I don’t know the future of this organization. I am not sure what is going to happen. Any comments? concerns? suggestions? Let me know what you guys think. Is this guy a real jerk? Do you know something I don’t know? Let me know! Thank you!

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