Real Madrid have made it very clear that they were interested in goalkeeper David De Gea since last season. It seemed that the Spanish international was going to Real Madrid according to recent rumors until the last day of the transfer window where he rejected the offer.

It is not clear why De Gea Rejected the offer, the initial plan was to trade the goalkeeper’s from each team with additional cash from Real Madrid to finalize the deal, but it was revoked a day after the arrangement. Especially after the loss of their Veteran goalkeeper Ikar Casillas, De Gea would be a great addition to the team.

Real Madrid and Manchester United waited for the last 24 hours to make the deal, contracts were made and the player was ready to get signed to the La Liga, but it took too long to complete the transaction with replacement goalkeeper Navas from United. Knowing that the time had expired for the transfer window, Madrid sent the transfer documents to La Liga but it did not go through.

In recent Red devil news, young united star Adnan Januzaj has gone on loan to Dortmund. There was a lot of hope for the Januzaj but he didn’t quite make the cut for United. It was a good decision by the team to loan him out to Dortmund so that he can mature as a player and hopefully come back better than ever.

The most questioning transaction United is about to make is happened on the last day of the transfer window. Anthony Martial, Monaco striker, is said to be the next Thierry Henry and Van Gaal has gone as far as offering $55 million for the young striker. So far Martial has made 52 appearances, started 29 times, and scored 11 goals. Van Gaal is very adamant on having this young prospect on United, we will see what the outcome will be like.

People questioned United for offering Martial 55-70 million when they were set on making an offer for Reus with a price tag of $92 million. Unlike Martial, Reus is an all star who has always performed outstanding in every season he’s played. Only time can tell if Van Gaal made the right decisions or not for United.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst