During the past week, different international teams have been playing against each other in groups to qualify for the 2016 Euro Cup. The highlights of the matches left some people in shock and other rejoicing while they watched their favorite team win.

One of the biggest games of the week was Poland vs Germany because of the fact that Polish international, Robert Lewandowski plays for Bayern Munich, which consists of a lot of German international players. The friendly relationship between Germany and Lewandowski did not seem to effect the game in any way, with Germany coming out of the match with a 3-1 victory. Although Poland had some chances to score, the World Cup winners seemed to be too much for the club to handle.

In other news The United States faced Peru in the qualifiers, with the US winning 2-1. Both goals were scored after the second half, by the one and only Jozy Altidore. The Toronto FC striker has been out of form recently but with this recent performance, his confidence should rise. The US had a very good run during the World Cup this year, which has raised the expectations of their fans. With the team gaining new, young talented players, it will be interesting to see how much the US will progress in the following years.

One of the most shocking matches of the week was Netherlands vs Turkey, with Turkey winning  3-0 against the World Cup Semi Finalists. It’s shocking to see a team like Holland performing so poorly, when only a year ago they were very close to making the World Cup Finals. They also lost 1-0 to Iceland last week and with Robben out due to an injury, it doesn’t seem like their is much hope for Holland.

With the last highlight of the day, last October Spain suffered a horrible loss to Slovakia in the Euro qualifiers, but soon enough they came back this year and won 2-1. Jordi Alba took revenge on Slovakia scoring the first goal, with Iniesta equalizing only 25 minutes afterwards to win them the game. It has also been a rough patch for Spain, not making it far in the World Cup when only a few years ago they seemed unstoppable.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst

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