Manchester City faced Everton on Sunday for their third game of the season. They came out of the game with a 2-0 victory. Manchester City has played three games so far: 3 victories, 8 goals scored, 3 goals conceded.

If Manchester city keep up this performance during the entire season they might have a shot at the Barclays Premier League title. Everton had a great season last year but if they want to stay competitive this year they have to win vital games against big teams like Manchester City.

Aleksandar Kolarov received a pass by Raheem Sterling inside the penalty box and squeezed the shot through the near post, past the goalkeeper to make the score 1-0. There have been many speculations about winger Raheem Sterling, who was bought by Manchester City for 49 million Euros. A lot of fans don’t believe the former Liverpool winger was worth that much and it is going to be a big dilemma if he doesn’t perform up to par.

On the other hand, a player who has never let Manchester city down, Yaya Toure, had a spectacular performance during Sunday’s match. He assisted Samuel Nasri with a perfect no look through ball pass, leading the French midfielder to score and making it 2-0.

Toure signed for City in 2010, after three seasons with Barcelona. He has always been a world-class player for City and at the age of 32, it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down. With a strong and athletic build, we all hope to see more class performances from the Ivory Coast international.

In other recent news, Pedro Rodriguez, the former Barcelona winger who just recently moved to Chelsea scored during his debut game. Chelsea came out of the game with a 3-2 victory against West Ham.

Speaking of transfers, the most recent transfer news is that Dortmund midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has accepted an offer for 15 million euros from Liverpool. It would be a huge step for the Armenian international to make a name for himself in the Barclays Premiere League or he can stay loyal to his club who initially built his reputation.

Even though the Bundesliga just began, Dortmund is having a great season so far and if Mkhitaryan leaves it might disrupt their chemistry as a team.


Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst