Mexico’s soccer head coach, Miguel Herrera,who lead his team to victory during the CONCAF cup was fired after allegations of punching a journalist in the Philadelphia International Airport.

No details have been released as to why Herrera acted this way, but according to Decio de Maria, the President of the Mexican Football Federation, “Anyone who wants to use aggression and not the ideas and concepts based on freedom of expression cannot be a member of the Mexican Football Federation.”

This decision is very dangerous for the Mexican Football Federation, as they fired the coach who has had a very positive impact on the team. Firing a remarkable coach especially right before the World Cup qualifiers will put an enormous amount of stress on the team and leave them at a great disadvantage.

Mexico Soccer Head Coach
Mexico Soccer Head Coach

Miguel Herrera has been the coach of the Mexican International team for two years and has continuously had an increasing impact on the team. Many people know him as the famous coach who always goes over board with his reactions and celebrations. His sheer passion for the game brought life to the team but sometimes that kind of passion can be too much. Not being able to control his emotions got to the best of him at the end.

Turning to the positives, he lead Mexico to qualify for the knock out stages of the World Cup after their victory over Croatia 3-1. Sadly he was fired two days after winning the CONCAF cup with a 3-1 victory over Jamaica.

The news that is going to spark everyone’s attention is how the players are going to react after hearing the dreadful news of their passionate and loving coach being released from his international duties. Their increasing chemistry with one another had enabled them to rise in talent year by year.

Although Deci de Maria thought it would be the best decision to let the Herrera go, was it the right decision? The coach who has made the team go uphill since he began his job has been pulled out right before the World Cup, leaving the team extremely vulnerable. Please let me know what you think about this subject and whether the Mexican Football Federation made the right choice in firing Miguel Herrera.

I would love to hear the opinions of all the Mexico fans so feel free to express yourselves and leave a comment.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports soccer analyst