Thursday, June 18.

Day by day, more people are questioning the move of Barcelona star Neymar from his home team Santos and if it was a fair or just one. Obviously the more you win, the more people want to be you. This therefore results in more law suits to put up with. Oh jealousy…



Coming off his Champions League, Copa Del Ray, and Liga BBVA victories, Neymar had other issues to deal with. Now, a Spanish judge has accepted a legal complaint filed by Brazilian investment fund DIS, which owned 40 per cent of Neymar’s rights when he was at Santos, that is proposing that it was the victim of  fraud – by  claiming they were given less than half what they were offered in the beginning. Is that fair? Oh well, we already know that football(soccer) is getting more and more corrupt every year. From the news of the bribed world cups to this, what is happening?

The court said on Wednesday that as part of the probe into the DIS complaint, Premier League clubs Chelsea and Manchester City, Barca’s Spanish rivals Real Madrid and German side Bayern Munich had been asked for details of offers they made for Neymar when he was at Santos between 2009 and 2013. Oh well we all know why they are so interested, who wouldn’t this superstar on their team haha.

The complaint is the latest twist to a saga that has resulted in Barcelona, Rosell and Bartomeu facing trial for tax fraud over the Neymar deal – however, this is the first time that Neymar himself has been named as a defendant.


Bartomeu was a vice president under Rosell when Neymar was signed in 2013 in a complex deal involving multiple contracts with the player and his father.

Bartomeu, Rosell, who resigned over the allegations, and the club have been accused of defrauding the tax office of some 13 million euros (£9.3m).

Prosecutors have asked for a prison sentence of two years and three months for Bartomeu and 7-and-half years for Rosell, plus fines and payments of outstanding taxes totalling more than £40 million

The tax probe was launched after a club member questioned the figures given for the Neymar deal. Barca initially said they paid 57.1 million euros (£40 million) but later admitted the cost was nearer 100 million (£71 million).

So what do we get from this? What do you think? Is their any factual evidence to support this or not? The suspense is waiting. Neymar in jail? Please leave your comments below for all perspectives 🙂 Thank you!


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