Whether it is the addition of a new player or coach, or the improvement of existing players, every team in the Barclays Premier League is trying to reach the top. Every year, the excitement of the fans, along with the players make it a season to remember.

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard

On Saturday, August 8th the Barclays premier league season will be starting again and this year is going to be more competitive than ever. With high expectations for teams like Manchester United who have spent a hefty amount of money investing in new players, and questioning teams like Liverpool who have not been performing as well since the leave of their star player Luis Suarez.

A strong foundation to a team always starts with a solid defence. It’s always important to have a strong midfield and forwards, but a good defence is the best offense. With less chances for the other team to score it will be easier for the midfielders to feed the strikers for a counter attack.

For a team to succeed they cannot rely on individual players, but try to use the strengths of each player to help them win. A perfect example would be to look at one of the strongest teams in the world, Barcelona. They play as a team and always try to keep possession until the right opportunity unfolds to unleash Messi’s pace and dribbling on the defence. With the passing skills in the midfield and the clinical finishing of their strikers, Barcelona is what all teams strive to be like.

Louis van Gaal bought many superstars from different teams like Memphis Depay who was an all star during the 2014 World Cup and he is attempting to make a comeback for Man United to keep them at the top of the tables. It’s important to get new transfers and improve the team, but getting players who don’t play well together no matter how good those players are can jeopardize the team’s success. Everyone is hyped and curious to see how Manchester United is going to perform this BPL season.

With teams like Chelsea and their unstoppable all star Eden Hazard, Everton with their passion and drive to get first, and Manchester city who have always been strong competitors in the BPL.

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Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports soccer analyst