Is Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo too much to handle?

Real Madrid faced Sporting Gojin and came out of the match with a draw. It was surprising that the Spanish Giants could not score against one of the lower ranked teams in the league. Real Madrid had an incredible amount of shots on goal but couldn’t seem to squeeze a shot through.

There was a great amount of criticism from both fans and journalists, saying that Real Madrid’s offense was weak and they were not performing to their full potential. Critics immediately started to blame head coach Rafa Benitez and his inability to work Real Madrid’s offense. During the time that Rafa Benitez took over the coaching position at Madrid, the team has been scoreless a shocking five times. A lot of Madrid fans were left in disappointment after the referee failed to call an obvious penalty, but that is just part of the game. There is beauty and flaws in everything and this was just an unfortunate situation for Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo responded to this criticism calmly with a post on his Instagram saying, “ Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.” It seems that the Madrid superstar is calm about the situation and doesn’t seem too worried about his performance in the future.

In further news, Chelsea’s Cuadrado is set to go on loan to Juventus because of his inability to find his form during the time that he was on Chelsea. Spending most of his time on the bench, it would be a good change for the winger to show his talents back at the Serie A. With a great performance during the World Cup people expected much more from the Columbian, but sometimes changing teams doesn’t always work out.

Once you play in a certain league for so long, it is hard to adapt to the type of gameplay another league plays. The Barclays Premiere League is known to be one of the more competitive and aggressive leagues, and if a certain player can’t adapt to it’s standards than they spend most of there time out on the bench.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst