On Tuesday, August 11, Sevilla and Barcelona played the final of the UEFA Super Cup. Everyone expected Barcelona to win that game, and it seemed like everything was going smoothly until after more than half the game was finished.

Barcelona was up 4-1 until the 52nd minute, when Sevilla managed to come back with the help of Ever Banega. Ever Banega was playing a crucial role for Sevilla by scoring a free kick and also trying his hardest to control the midfield against Barca.

Sevilla finally caught up and tied the game 4-4, forcing Barcelona into extra time.  The extra time period was basically a game of monkey in the middle where Sevilla almost had no possession the entire first half and even a majority of the second half. In the 115th minute Lionel Messi used his technical dribbling to award them a free kick after being fouled.

Messi had already scored 3 free kicks and hit the post on his last attempt so it was a do or die situation for Barcelona. Messi tried to get it around the wall but it hit the wall and bounced back to him leaving him open for a beautiful volley, which he struck perfectly.However, Sevilla’s goalie Beto saved it with his fingertips knocking the ball out of the goal. However Pedro was there to finish the ball into the net and end the game 5-4.

Pedro scores winning goal against Sevilla, shortly before he awaits his move to Manchester United (Picture by

It was a beautiful game with hard work from both sides of the pitch but obviously with Barcelona being the more dominant team. It was amazing how Sevilla made such a miraculous comeback and everyone respected their effort and gave them a huge round of applause.

It’s sad to say that the man who won the game for Barcelona is packing up his bags, saying by to his teammates, and moving with his family to Manchester United. The Red Devils are making another buy, but this one is more bittersweet. Pedro was raised in the Barcelona camp and they are the only team he has ever played for.

He is now 28 years old but he started in the Barcelona youth academy at 17 and played for them ever since. It seems that Manchester United have broken the hearts of too many fans, including fans of Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger.

We all applaud Sevilla for their brilliant performance yesterday and hope to see them perform that well throughout the BBVA season. It’s always a great game when a team is able to compete with arguably the best team in the World.

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Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst