Neymar has only two games remaining from his four game international suspension. Neymar was suspended for four games because of the scuffle he got into with a Murillo, the Columbian soccer player after their victory over Brazil.

Neymar will be coming back just in time for the World cup qualifying match against Argentina, their South American rivals. Will Neymar be able to make a comeback for Brazil after their loss against Columbia and embarrassing performance during the World Cup?

Many people believe that the reason Brazil performed so poorly, during the match against Germany in the World cup, was because Neymar was out on injury due to a spinal fracture caused by Columbian player Zuniga. This injury was inches away from paralyzing the soccer prodigy, which has caused great tensions between the two teams.


Brazil’s football confederation is trying to send out an appeal to Fifa to end Neymar’s ban early so he can play the first two matches for the World cup qualifiers. Brazil without Neymar has been devastating to watch, but will the return of one player really cause such a drastic turn of events for their team?

According to Roberto Carlos, a Brazilian soccer legend, Neymar is going to make the difference for Brazil. During an interview with a Fifa reporter Roberto said, “In a short time he will be the best in the world. I think he can help Brazil win the World Cup again”.

Although many people believe Neymar is a difference maker, his way of playing the game requires midfielders to create space for him to punish the defense with his pace and to receive the ball just outside the penalty box to get shots away at the goalkeeper. Without the help of his teammates, who have been performing poorly, Neymar probably won’t be able to perform as well as people expect him to.

Neymar has been recognized as one of the greats in soccer and FC Barcelona history.

Barcelona has been on top of the BBVA league and remain on top with no competition. This obviously has to do with their possession of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, two superstars. However, Neymar is having an increasing amount of impact on the team as a whole as they move forward.

So the big question is if Neymar will be able to bounce back from his suspension, and return to being one of the most premier players in the soccer world! Let me know what you think 🙂

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports soccer analyst