In the most recent transfer news it seems Manchester City are closing in on the young Belgian superstar Kevin De Bruyne. It would be a big loss for Wolfsburg to lose arguably their most valuable player. A lot of fans and players blame the Premiere league teams for stealing all the talent from different leagues with money.

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Manchester City are known to be one of the richest clubs on the planet and it is without a doubt that they can come up with an offer that De Bruyne won’t be able to refuse. Even Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben said he wants the Bundesliga to stay competitive and to see the teams progress, but with big clubs buying all the youth players in the other teams, it will turn into a one sided league.

Everyone is waiting for Monday to see whether Manchester City will take the final steps in closing this deal, however the 24 year old is said to be worth around 70 million euros. City had made a 47 million bid on the player but that was quickly rejected. The young superstar is going to need much more than that to consider leaving his team.

In other news Bayern Munich star, Thomas Muller has been bombarded with offers from Manchester United. United have gone as far as saying that they will pay up to 70 million euros for him. That would be around $110 million dollars for the German International. Van Gaal nurtured the midfielder during the world cup, but Muller feels adamant on staying at his team.

In recent interviews with Fox sports Muller released statements saying how calm he was and all these numbers that were being thrown out are just business. The numbers could change at any point in time, it is just something to show interest in a player, however Muller was approached by a fan and he told him that he might be worth 100 million euros but how much is his Bayern jersey and number worth to him.

It seems Muller is going to be loyal to Bayern, and that money is not an issue for him. Although everyone has there own price, for now no one knows what Muller is worth. He seems happy at his club and will probably have a great season with them this year.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst

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