Everyone knows the world superstar Lionel Messi, but what you might not know is that he had his second child with his girlfriend. It is said that Barcelona has already invested in Messi’s first son, Thiago, and who knows what offer they are going to make for the new born, Mateo.

Messi has been pre occupied with his new baby and girlfriend, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be ready for the big game against Athletico Madrid this Saturday. Messi has grown a lot through the past decade that he has been playing the game. His skills are only getting better and there are almost no more records for him to break anymore. Now that the superstar is starting a family, is it time for him to take a break from soccer?

He has been loved throughout the soccer community because of the amount of respect he shows towards his fans and fellow soccer players. We never see articles in the newspaper about Messi cheating on his girlfriend, getting into fights, or treating his fans poorly. He is one of the greats because of his class on and off the field. It is sad to see superstars get older because you don’t realize you’re witnessing the makings of a legend until they are gone.

In happier news,  this weekend is a great weekend to watch soccer as there are huge games coming up. On Saturday there is an Athletico Madrid vs Barcelona game, which will be interesting to watch since recently Madrid’s former winger, Arda Turan, transferred to Barcelona. Also the Italian rivals Inter and AC Milan will be facing each other on Sunday. These two teams have had their ups and downs throughout the past years, but it’s always fun to watch competitive rivalry match. Another must to watch game would be Everton vs Chelsea on Saturday. Everton has been catching up to Chelsea and Chelsea have not been performing as good as last season so the turn out will be interesting to watch.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst

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