Money isn’t Everything

Yesterday morning Manchester United faced Club Brugge in the playoffs and lead with a 7-1 on aggregate against the under dogs. Team veteran Wayne Rooney dealt three of those goals. He scored once in the first half and the second shortly after the second half began. The rest was a nightmare for their opponents Club Brugge.

In other United news, they are going to give it one last try to obtain former Hotspur superstar Gareth Bale from Real Madrid. Real Madrid bought the player for a record-breaking price of $100 million in 2013. He has scored 39 goals in 93 matches and has been a vital key player for the team.

Although the team has been doing well, they need help forming a stronger attack. Winning against a team like Club Brugge isn’t too big of a deal since the team is consisted of a lot of under dogs, but if they play Manchester City or Chelsea they are going to need all the firepower they can get. Bale is a very exceptional player and he could make possibly make Manchester United the fiercest team in the League.

Being bought at $100 million it would difficult for United to purchase him with a number less than 130 million. From recent news it seems that United will not be able to obtain Bale because he seems very content at his club. A lot of different fans from different teams are upset at United for throwing out huge numbers at every talented player they see. De Bruyne, Muller, Bale, and Reus were all offered over 60 million euros to play for the Red Devils. It takes a lot more than money to persuade a player to come to a team.

Speaking about the premiere league, a player who was never able to find his form, Mario Balotelli, is going on loan back to AC Milan where people hope he can finally return to his former self.

Only a year or two ago Balotelli was a huge prospect and was scoring wonder goals every other game, especially for Manchester City and for his country, but recently he hasn’t done much for Livepool. The player needs to find his form or else he’ll end up permanently on the bench, which is a shame for a player with so much potential.

Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports Soccer Analyst


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Question 4: How many goals did Gareth Bale score for Real Madrid?

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