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Can the U.S.A men’s soccer rise to the top like their female teammates?

Many U.S.A men’s soccer fans were left in disappointment after the poor performance of the US during the CONCAF cup. The US team was knocked out over penalties by Panama during the third place game.

Everyone who follows US soccer knows that they always fall short. Whether when going up against World Cup Champions Germany or under dog teams like Panama. Every year US fans regain hope and every year they are struck down.

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Clint Dempsey

It seems modifications must be made to the US team whether it is the coach, Jürgen Klinsmann, or the starting eleven players on the field. Everyone knows that the US has the potential to be a great team by their remarkable performance during the world cup, but the inconsistency of the team is going to lead to their downfall.

In order to recover from their losses, they must improve the team by improving the youth teams. The next generations of American soccer players are vital for the US to progress forward in their campaign to win tournaments and maybe even the world cup.

Clint Dempsey has been the best American soccer player arguably for years now. He was the leading scorer of the CONCAF Cup with seven goals at age 32. The reason this is so important is because Dempsey has played in more advanced leagues, such as the Barclays Premier league to improve his game.

Europe was where soccer was born and the level of soccer they player is much more advanced than in the MLS league. If the younger generation of soccer players were to play in Europe there would be a great increase in the level of skill in the US.

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Julian Green, FC Bayern, USA National Soccer

Although this would take away some valuable players from the MLS, it is important to keep each league diverse just as they do all around the world and introduce new players to the American league so that not only can the level of our youth players advance, but the league will also get better with time by introducing more distinct and skilled players.

This process is already slowly happening with great prospects like DeAndre Yedlin playing for the Tottenham Hotspur’s and Julian Green playing for Bayern Munich, two huge European clubs. With time the US soccer program will advance and its fans need to keep supporting the team and see them make it all the way through.

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Narek Manoukian

Spark Sports soccer analyst