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You may be wondering what my title is talking about since the World Cup that most people know about is in 2018 and in Russia. What is Hagop talking about????

Well, lets get right into it.


No matter who you are. The world’s biggest anti-feminist , or the worlds biggest feminist, this is something to watch. Putting your aside of not watching “a girl’s” sport and actually seeing the talent that they are portraying.

Since June 6, the top class female soccer players have came together in Canada to showcase their talent and help their team climb to the top!

Interesting eh?

Something to read eh?

If you haven’t been to Canada, all Canadians really love to include the word “eh?” after everything they say.

So whats going on?

Its been complete destruction by the German girls. In this tournament, and the 3 games they have only played, they’ve put up a total of 15 goals, averaging about 4.5 a game! However, after destroying the countries of Thailand and Ivory Coast, Norway posed a great challenge after being the first team to score on this German destruction unit. Tying Norway 1-1 still leaves them at first, but not one they were actually trying to draw.

German’s top scorer continues to be Anja Mittag, scoring 4 goals this tournament so far!

Anja Mittag, goal after goal!
Anja Mittag, goal after goal!

Brazil is undefeated so far, but I blame that on the lack of skill in its group. France and USA are both contenders this year also.

So, bottom line if you’re interested as I am, and you want to see your favorite womens team excel to the top, then don’t forget to catch the round of 16 games that begin on the 20th of june until the 23th! That is the first round and thats where the chaos begins!

You may not think it is as crazy and fun to watch as the original world cup, however I’m here to tell you to give it a chance and actually root on your favorite country!

Let me know who you guys want to take the title home, and how they’re going to do it? Im ready to hear all you input! Thank you guys!

Hagop Margossian

Spark sports

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