With one year of experience under her belt, Becky Hammon is already being considered a legit NBA head coaching candidate after her recent championship victory with the San Antonio Spurs. The summer league is only seven games, but she made a lot of noise with her performance during that time.

Becky Hammon is probably a name you guys have been hearing recently. Wherever you saw it or read about it, its a big move in sports, and a huge move for the society around us.

There are many people among us that still have that conservative degrading mentality towards women and success they attempt to achieve throughout their life.

However, Becky Hammon does not fight for her rights by her words, but by her actions.

First female coach in NBA summer league brings home the title!
First female coach in NBA summer league brings home the title!

Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich decided to bring in Hammon on the team just before the 2014-2015 NBA season, right after she finished her playing career. She was seen as the first female assistant coach of the league. Many shook heads and thought the move should be frowned upon by the NBA.

After she took control of the team in the summer league, many began to eat up their disgraceful words. Her victory in the summer league can be looked at incompetent due to the absence of real talent those games. However, it is something that many others began to think of as a change in the game of basketball.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated on Saturday afternoon that there is “no doubt” there will be female coaches in the NBA someday. He continued to state that there “should be no barriers”.

Many peoples thought process has evolved from “Oh, she is interesting” into “Wow! She has a great shot at becoming an NBA head coach”.

02-81As we all know, Popovich is an admired and well-respected coach around the league. When other head coaches see his approval on the rising start of Hammon, they will be much more likely to consider such decisions. This was also mentioned by Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN.

“The power of a Popovich endorsement is the NBA’s ultimate seal of approval. NBA general managers and owners have marveled at what a conversation with Popovich during the interview process can do for a candidate. In Atlanta, Mike Budenholzer didn’t exactly ace the interview. But a call from Popovich that touted Budenholzer’s nuanced qualities and commitment to culture moved opinion. When a rival general manager is ready to measure Hammon’s capacity for a head-coaching job, that power of persuasion, which has the league’s best track record, will be at play on [Hammon’s] behalf.”

“Those who know Hammon rave about her instincts and understanding of the game,” Arnovitz continues. “She’s quickly established a reputation as an ‘out-of-the-box thinker’ who appreciates the practical application of situational strategy but also the pursuit of new ideas and innovation, like her mentor, who has emphasized that the former point guard knows as much about the pick-and-roll as Tony Parker.”

Hammon already has the support of Popovich, who called her “a natural”.


Many people are beginning to think that she might actually be qualified and more than capable to conduct the job at a high level.

Former Brooklyn Nets general manager Bobby Marks is one of those people.

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Marks also had a conversation with CBS Sports Radio, where he said “It wouldn’t just be because they went 6-1 in Summer League and beat Phoenix in the finals. I think she has started to prove her merit. She is paying her dues like a lot of the assistant coaches working up the ranks. She played in the league. She was a point guard. That’s your on-field quarterback. She’s being tutored by probably the best coach we’ve seen in a long time in Gregg Popovich.”

Event though she has been gaining support around the league, she has a lot to prove. She spent most of her time in the second row of games last year for the Spurs. This year, I would like to see her alongside Popovic to gather all the coaching secrets she can get from that man. With the progress she has shown in the small time frame allowed, don’t be surprised if a team is close to picking her up as their new head coach.

Her gaining support from the public will also have a great influence on that. She has a bright future. What do you think?

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports