After many rumors and much speculation, the Celtics have stood pat at the deadline. With rumors, including players like Jimmy Butler and Paul George being mentioned, the Celtics decided to hold on to their valuable picks and assets. With no moves made at the deadline, the Celtics look to continue their success after the All Star break. With that in mind, was no deal the best deal for the Celtics?

Currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference behind the Cavaliers, the Celtics are still in good position to make it far in the playoffs. With Avery Bradley coming back into the lineup soon, the Celtics will have their leading rebounder and arguably best defender back. Although rebounding will continue to be an issue, the Celtics still have their core intact.

The two future Nets picks are still on the table for the Celtics’ future, and should bring some great talent to the team. With players like Markelle Fultz as a possible option in the upcoming draft, the Celtics will need to get rid of one of their guards. Between Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley, there will be plenty of attention from teams, which should give the Celtics more options nearing the draft. With the reports of Paul George being interested in exclusively the Pacers and Lakers, the Pacers’ asking price was not worth the risk. Better offers should come closer to the draft where many teams will have a better idea of how high the pick will be.

Although adding pieces like Butler or George would bring the Celtics into contention along with the Cavaliers, most of the core would be gone, leaving the Celtics with a star, but not much depth. Having plenty of cap room and upcoming draft picks, the Celtics still look destined to have a bright future with their assets and core players.