Floyd “Money” Mayweather did what he had to do Saturday night.  Once the bell rang Floyd went into work mode and defeated Andre Berto via unanimous decision.

It was a fight that was better than anticipated. Both fighters were stale the first two round ,but then turned it on.  Floyd did what he usually does. He danced he hugged and he jabbed in typical Maywether fashion. Andre berto started to get a feel for Floyd as the fight went on. He landed some nice shots but was unable to land them consecutively. At the end of the day Berto was not able to keep up with the fast paced defensive fighting Floyd brings to the ring.

When asked about the loss Andre Berto said “Experience played a big part,”As you can see, I was in shape, but he was just really difficult to hold on to. He’s slippery. Experience played a big part. I used a lot of speed, but he’s real crafty, man. He was using little things just to kind of get me off my rhythm.”  Berto has now lost four of his last seven bouts.

Following the fight Floyd made his retirement official. Well at least for now.  When asked about retiring he used his contract with Showtime to back himself up.  “They say they’ll offer me a lot of money [to keep fighting]. I have a lot of money. I’m OK. … It’s the end of my [Showtime] deal. I’m an old man now. I’m 38.” Via ESPN associated press.

“I’ve accomplished everything, there’s nothing else to accomplish, Mayweather said. Money don’t make me, I make money.”

“You have to know when to hang it up. It’s my time to hang it up. … Nothing else for me to prove in the sport of boxing.”

At least for now it seems as if this is the last time we will see Floyd in the ring boxing. However, Floyd did retire once on ’08 and then came back in ’09 ,so the door still remains open for a return. For now Floyd is a retired champion who went out on top. There will always be more money and more fights out their for Floyd but as of right now Floyd “Money” Mayweather is officially retired at 49-0 tied with Rocky Marciano for the best record of all time.

Thank you Floyd for all you have done.

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Aniello Piro

Spark Sports Analyst