It’s amazing how fast things can change. One day your life could be seemingly perfect, then the next it could all be over. November 26, 2007. The all pro Washington Redskins safety was sitting at his home in the Miami area. A former player at the University of Miami, and now an NFL player, was sitting at home treating an injury.

Nicknamed “Meast” due to his ferocious tackles and hits, he was one of the toughest players around. In his young age, 24, he still had plenty of time left in the NFL. What a promising career. Until it all changed in a flash. This is the story of remembering Sean Taylor.

Born in Florida, he was a son to a policeman named Pedro Taylor and his wife Donna Junor. Taylor grew up in a poor neighborhood, crime was very common. So much crime that when Sean was 14, a reported incident about someone sticking a gun to his head occurred. The future star was playing basketball near his home when a confrontation erupted. A man stuck a gun to Taylor’s forehead and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the gun was jammed, and Taylor smacked the gun and ran home. A star at Gulliver Preparatory School, Taylor was a three star athlete. The free safety led Gulliver to win Florida Class 2A State Championship in the year 2000.

Taylor played under Larry Coker at the University of Miami, but also ran track at the school. During his junior year of football, Taylor produced a historic season, finishing as a first team All-American. This historic season led Taylor to be drafted fifth overall by the Washington Redskins in the 2004 draft.
Taylor endured much success in his rookie season, rising to become the starting free safety early on into the season. He was so successful from then on that Sports Illustrated named Taylor the hardest hitting player in the NFL. Sean Taylor was at the pinnacle of his career. Then, everything was over.
Sean Taylor was shot on November 26, 2007 when Taylor’s house had been burglarized. During the attack, Taylor’s girlfriend and daughter hid under the bed and called 9-1-1. Sean received an airlift to a hospital in Miami where he underwent surgery. Though the surgery was successful, Taylor had lost a lot of blood and remained in a coma. After numerous hours at the hospital, Taylor’s heart gave out at 3:30 am on November 27.
The first game that the Washington Redskins played without Sean Taylor was an emotional game. The Redskins played the Buffalo Bills at home in Washington. On the first defensive snap for the Redskins, they only lined up with ten men on the field. Intentionally, they left the free safety position open, and played that snap with ten men on the field. Though this was not a game winning Hail Mary or a game winning kick, this will be remembered as one of the biggest moments in NFL histroy.
Taylor was an electrifying player that made his impact on the National Football League. This month, we will remember Taylor as it is the 8th year anniversary of his death. Rest in peace Sean Taylor.
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