Russell Westbrook did not waste any time when he acquired his fifteenth triple double of the season in an Oklahoma City Thunder victory over the Miami Heat on Tuesday. And it only took him three quarters to do it.

Westbrook stuffed the stat sheet once again with his impressive numbers. His 29 points, 17 rebounds, and 11 assists are what led his team to beat the Miami Heat, 106-94. This marks Westbrook’s thirtieth triple double in a calendar year, which is the second most in NBA history behind Oscar Robertson, of course. Westbrook accelerated the Thunder’s win streak to four games.


Source: NBA on ESPN

Westbrook’s blatant competitiveness and sheer attack mode did not go unnoticed last night.”He’s competing until the very end,” said Erik Spoelstra, head coach of the Heat,according to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press. ”Every single possession is the most important possession to him. Great, great lesson … from somebody’s that is really imposing a competitive will on every contest. He did what he does. What defines greatness is consistency, and that’s what you can book pretty much every night.”

It’s pretty clear that Westbrook’s get-out-of-the-way mentality has been one of the biggest stories this NBA season. And it was very clear Tuesday night as well. Westbrook accounted for more than half (51 percent) of the Thunder’s offense last night. His versatility was well on display with his 17 rebounds, which tied his season.

But there was something unique about this triple-double—-Westbrook gained it early. By halftime, Westbrook was only two rebounds shy of a triple double. This is Westbrook’s twentieth game in which he has had a triple double by the third quarter, making him have the most games to reach the feat throughout the past twenty seasons in the league. Following him are Jason Kidd, James Harden, and LeBron James respectively.

Westbrook, while leading the league in scoring and averaging a triple double, is well on his way to becoming the first player since Oscar Robertson (1961-62 NBA season) to do so. With stats like that, Westbrook is playing on another planet,and it brings him one step closer to becoming this season’s MVP.