Down 28-3 in the third quarter, the Patriots looked destined to lose their third Super Bowl under Bill Belichick With no momentum against the #1 offense in all of football, the Patriots looked defeated. But things began to turn around quickly when #12 came back in after a good start to the third quarter on defense.

Being down 25 points didn’t phase Tom Brady. It didn’t phase the team either. With some help from James White and a spectacular catch by Julian Edelman, the Patriots were right back in the game. All lead by Brady. After converting on two two-point conversions, the Patriots tied up the game with just under a minute to go. For the first time in history, the Super Bowl would go into overtime, and the Patriots would come out on top on
James White’s 2 yard run after a Tom Brady lead drive.

Through all of the great quarterbacks who have played in the NFL, Brady showed he is the best. While many would just try to make it a game and not ultimately believe they have a chance, Brady had a different mindset and showed his greatness. During the third and fourth quarters, the Patriots were a one-dimensional football team which is even more impressive. When the defense knows you’re passing the ball, it becomes very difficult to trick the defense. Brady was not phased by this concept, and he proved it by making very good throws when the team needed him most.


Now with 5 Super Bowl rings added to his legacy, Brady has proved how great of a leader and teammate he is. No one has ever done that in history, and he’s not even done yet. He hopes to play at least three more years, which is pretty scary considering the fact that the Patriots are always at the top of the conference each year. His quest for perfection each game shows the hard work he puts in every day at practice, and it isn’t getting unnoticed.

Before making this comeback, Tom Brady already had an impressive career. Going into the game he was going to his 7th Super Bowl, which is a very impressive feat. Getting a 5th ring at age 39 was yet another unbelievable feat. After the greatest comeback of Super Bowl history, Tom Brady is by far the greatest quarterback to ever live.