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You guys may or may not know what Wimbledon is. If you’re not a hardcore tennis fan, do not feel too bad about yourself. I barely started getting involved with it just last year!


Wimbledon (or the Championships, Wimbledon as some people call it) is the oldest tennis tournament in the books! It has been held since 1877 at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London. Wimbledon has been known to be one of the most prestigious tournament in all sports! It is a part of the 4 major tennis tournaments all year, including the Australia, French, and US Open.


  • Since the Australian Open moved to harcourt in 1988, Wimbledon is the only left major that is played on grass, making it the “special one”
  • Wimbledon goes on for a span of over two weeks starting in late June and early July.
  • The traditions that occur during the tournament include a strict dress code for competitors, the eating of strawberries and cream by the spectators, and Royal patronage.
  • Their is no sponsor advertising all around the court. (Now that is impressive.) The one professional sporting event that does not focus on the advertising aspect of it only haha.
  • The Centre Court at Wimbledon was made with a retractable roof in order to continue playing even through rain.

The five main events, and the number of players (or teams, in the case of doubles) are:Wimbledon_court_No._1

  • Gentlemen’s singles(128)
  • Ladies’ Singles (128)
  • Gentlemen’s doubles(64)
  • Ladies’ Doubles(64)
  • Mixed Doubles (48)Wimbledon1-300x155


The five junior events and the number of players or teams are:

  • Boys’ Singles (64)
  • Girls’ Singles (64)
  • Boys’ Doubles(32)
  • Girls’ Doubles(32)
  • Disabled Doubles(12)

No mixed doubles event is held at this level.


The five invitational events and the number of pairs are:

  • Gentlemen’s Invitation Doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  • Senior Gentlemen’s Invitation Doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  • Ladies’ Invitation Doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  • Gentlemen’s Wheelchair Doubles (4 pairs)
  • Ladies’ Wheelchair Doubles (4 pairs)


Wimbledon Championships Main events


Matches in the Gentlemen’s Singles and Gentlemen’s Doubles are best-of-five sets; all other events are best-of-three sets. A tiebreak game is played if the score reaches 6–6 in any set except the fifth (in a five-set match) or the third (in a three-set match), in which case a two-game lead must be reached.

Every event is this competition is a win or go home! Basically, that means single elimination. That is something crazy to see! Starting off with 128 men players and 128 female players, and going all the way to the last man standing.


Wondering what these professionals get for victory?

The Gentlemen’s Singles champion receives a silver gilt cup 18.5 inches (about 47 cm) in height and 7.5 inches (about 19 cm) in diameter. The trophy has been awarded since 1887 and bears the inscription: “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World.”

The Ladies’ Singles champion receives a sterling silver salver commonly known as the “Venus Rosewater Dish”, or simply the “Rosewater Dish”. The salver, which is 18.75 inches (about 48 cm) in diameter, is decorated with figures from mythology. The winners of the Gentlemen’s Doubles, Ladies’ Doubles, and Mixed Doubles events receive silver cups. Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.33.27 AM

The runner-up in each event receives an inscribed silver plate. The trophies are usually presented by the President of the All England Club, HRH The Duke of Kent.

Prize money came later on in 1968, when professionals were actually allowed to compete in this tournament.


Not interested in Tennis? Asking yourself why the heck would I read or watch anything to do with it! But, sit back and listen to me.

Being an open minded person, you find the beauty in everything. Yes, I am not the biggest tennis fan and its probably not even in my top 3 sports, but I find the beauty in it. The beauty of these courts only being played on 2 weeks throughout the whole year. The beauty of the highest class players and spectators coming to the event. Just give it one chance, and if you don’t like it at all, then I’m sorry.


There is different media sources that televise Wimbledon. These include:

  • Radio Wimbledon
  • The BBC channel, broadcasted in UK.
  • Every country has it on its first couple channels for most television providers.


Last years winner was Novak Djokovic. That was his second Wimbledon Title.


This year, there is a lot of competition and a lot to watch! From Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer to Djokovic, that is some talent! Give it a chance and let me know what you think! Tune in now! My home page includes a live sports scoreboard under “Spark Scores”.

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Thank you 🙂

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