Michigan State May Or May Not Suck Again

It’s been nearly a week and doubt is still in my mind as far as Michigan State goes. Don’t misconstrue the situation, they’re a good football team. They’re not to be taken lightly, but an unimpressive win against Furman, a bad 4th quarter against Notre Dame, and an awful loss against Wisconsin is making it damn near impossible to buy into the Spartans.

Basically, Michigan State fell at the hands of Wisconsin this past Saturday in East Lansing and the game was never close. Not for one second.

But Michigan State didn’t just suffer any other forgivable home loss, they got downright outplayed, outclassed, and outcoached by the Badgers.

It’s baffling at this point how bad the Spartans’ defense looks at times. How in the world does a coach like Mark Dantonio lose a game like this to a QB like Alex Hornibrook. Of all the college quarterbacks to simply outduel his guys on defense, it was Alex Hornibrook.

Turnovers are what led to Alex Hornibrook and his Badgers having so many chances to score. Five turnovers are simply too much, especially for a smart team like Michigan State.

You could even tell that after the Spartans’ first turnover, the team was out of it not only physically but mentally. The team just came out flat after their first turnover. No fire, no desire, just nothing.

At the same time, let’s not act like Wisconsin didn’t play a legitimately good game. I understand that the narrative that we want to follow is the idea that Michigan State might suck again, but Wisconsin looked really good.

Wisconsin just played tenacious defense that went after Tyler O’Connor at all times. If we’re being honest, it was hard to watch O’Connor at times and that’s not because he’s a bad quarterback. It’s because Wisconsin’s defense was just really good.

At one point or another, you could tell when the Badgers were in O’Connor’s head. It was clear that Tyler just couldn’t handle all the pressure that was on both the passing and rushing game. Overall, there was just nowhere for O’Connor’s troops to go.

So with that being said, let’s not overreact. Michigan State isn’t falling on hard times or anything like that. They’ll figure this thing out eventually. Plus, Wisconsin is just a really good team. Michigan State just simply wasn’t prepared for what Wisconsin brought to them.

As aforementioned, props to Wisconsin. Not a lot of teams can destroy Michigan State 30-6 in East Lansing.

Vinnie Durber, csnchicago.com
Vinnie Durber, csnchicago.com

Penn State May Have Lost, But Joey Julius Is Awesome

There wasn’t a whole lot to say from the Michigan game to be honest. The Wolverines look pretty good and Penn State on the other hand might’ve been overrated headed into the season.

Ehhhh, nothing to really see here in my opinion. It was just another Michigan blowout in my mind. The final score was 49-10, and there isn’t a whole lot to take away from a football aspect.

Having said that, if you do want a highlight from this game, we’ve got one.

It involves the man, the myth, the legend, Joey Julius.

I’ve just realized that in every single “Wrap Up” article, I have not once written about how good Michigan. I just keep finding ways to bag on them. Whether it be the fact that their coach eats boogers or that Joey Julius destroyed Jourdan Lewis, I haven’t said one good thing about them.

Whoops. My bad, guys. I’ll probably have to start writing about them when they take on Wisconsin this Saturday. Now that’s a big matchup!

Randy Sartin, srnnews.com
Randy Sartin, srnnews.com

Josh Dobbs Just Keeps Proving Me Wrong

I never had a chance to write about it, but I was never impressed by Josh Dobbs throughout this season. The Appalachian State win was just so meaningless and it showed so little to me. However, it’s week four now and the Volunteers are still undefeated.

Sure, I wasn’t the only one that though Dobbs looked kind of overrated. But, after his 2nd half against the Florida Gators, it’s hard to say that he doesn’t look good.

Florida exited the 2nd half with a 21-3 lead and Josh Dobbs looked like he was failing to live up to the hype that we placed on him. Then, Dobbs got some help from his offensive line. At that point, Dobbs was on a mission to prove his doubters wrong and there was no stopping him.

336 total yards of offense and 35 points in one half didn’t come out of nowhere. Nope, a vast majority of them were thanks to Josh Dobbs. It’s not like Dobbs led them down the field and let his running back finish the job either.

Dobbs threw for four passing touchdowns in the second half! Four! Those are Lamar Jackson numbers right there!

So maybe these past couple of inconsistent weeks of football haven’t been on Dobbs. Maybe Tennessee just needed a running a start. Maybe just maybe, Josh Dobbs is not to messed with.

Because if there is one major thing we can take away, it’s the fact that Dobbs may have just played the half of football that turns his season around. At least statistically speaking.

However, it’s safe to also say at this point that Tennessee defense is really good and that Florida just isn’t ready to make a comeback on the college football scene just yet.

Give it another year or two of recruiting and Florida might be back in contention to win the SEC East. But as for now, the Volunteers are 4-0 and they’re not looking like they’re going to loosen their grip that they have on the SEC East right now.

Who knows? Maybe this 38-28 comeback victory might be the thing that sparks Tennessee and leads them to the SEC Championship?

That might be a rush to judgement but, who knows at this point?

Derek Snyder, ooyuz.com
Derek Snyder, ooyuz.com

Yeah, Lamar Jackson Is Gonna Win The Heisman

I get it, this wasn’t Lamar Jackson‘s best game. He threw an interception and seemed shaky on a couple of throws here and there. But, that shouldn’t be the main takeaway from this game.

7 total touchdowns and Lamar Jackson’s maturity should be the takeaway from this game.

Plays like this should be what we takeaway from this game if anything.

And plays like this…

But to me the most impressive thing about this game was how Lamar Jackson acted after the game. Nothing but a class act. He had this to say after their 59-28 win against Marshall.

“How many completions did I have?” Jackson asked, with a reporter replying 24.

“Out of what?” Jackson asked. The reporter responded 44.

“F,” Jackson said. “F.”

Yeah, Lamar Jackson is giving himself an F grade after he threw for five touchdowns and ran for two other touchdowns.

Look, Lamar doesn’t have to be pessimist to earn respect from me or any other college football fan. But giving himself an F speaks vibes of who he is and how he views his game.

There’s always room for improvement. Even if you’re Lamar Jackson.

Lamar had an unbelievable performance and if it was any other player, we’d be making a big deal out of it. But it’s Lamar Jackson, we’re somehow used to seven total touchdowns and it appears as if there are now reasons to critique his game.

What other quarterback would criticize himself in a game where he got seven total touchdowns? Name one who would do that.

Humble and really, really damn good. That’s who Lamar Jackson is.

Like I said last week and the week before that, give him the Heisman already.

Matt Holmes, atlanta.cbslocal.com
Matt Holmes, atlanta.cbslocal.com

The Nail In The Coffin

LSU played bad against Auburn. Let’s get that out of the way before we read any deeper into what happened with Les Miles.

Everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong for the Tigers in those final 24 seconds in Jordan–Hare Stadium. Clock management and questionable officiating could’ve been a factor in their loss but in the end, LSU just couldn’t finish the job.

The worst thing about it is that it wasn’t because of laziness or a lack of understanding. No, in fact, the defense looked pretty good as a whole and their rushing offense was good for the majority of the game.

As a matter of fact, even the coaching wasn’t bad.

As usual, Les Miles didn’t call the wrong plays or made the wrong decision. But in the end, he just couldn’t get the job done. It’s the same story since he was hired. Coming pretty close but just unable to finish the job off.

When you’re in the SEC, you need to get the job done. That’s all that your job relies on in a competitive conference such as the SEC.

The least the Tigers could have done was score a touchdown in the game. But just like the rest of Miles’ legacy in LSU, he came pretty close plenty of times but just failed to get the job done.

In the end, it’s all about getting the job done. Those 24 seconds that I brought up earlier, they can summarize Les Miles and the legacy that he’ll leave behind in Louisiana.

The drive began with a lot of hope, at one point you bough into the idea that LSU was going to score. Why wouldn’t you? They looked really good during the drive. Then, at one point, everything came to a halt out of nowhere.

It’s hard to explain, but the offense just stopped moving forward and if anything, they just looked like it got worse and worse as they got deeper into the redzone.

Sure, you can name excuses all you want but in the end, LSU just didn’t get the job done.

That’s what Les Miles has been all about since he entered Louisiana. The hiring began with a lot of hope, at one point you bought into it. Why wouldn’t you? They have Leonard Fournette and a talented defense. Then, at one point, everything came to a halt out of nowhere.

No one can really explain it, but the program just stopped moving forward and if anything, it looks like it’s taking a step back.

Those 24 seconds signify everything that Les Miles has been for LSU.

After the game, some people rushed to judgement and called for Miles’ job because he could never finish what he started.

Well, they got what they wanted. Les Miles is out and just as quickly as the era began, it ended.

For my basketball readers, it’s kind of like Scott Brooks and his era in Oklahoma City. Sure, he and his team garnered a ton of wins and he left the team with a ton of talent, but he just never won the game that really mattered.

That’s all that matters these days. For LSU, it was either championship or bust.

Les Miles, regardless of how you view him or this firing, never got the job done. For years, we’ve been hearing that LSU is a legitimate contender and it’s clear that the Tigers are tired of not making the national championship.

Whether you think it’s fair or not, we all know one thing. It may be hard to say, but it’s the truth.

Les Miles was never going to be the guy to deliver a championship to the Tigers.