As we now embark on the last hours before the biggest boxing bout in history, between 49-0 Floyd “Money” Mayweather and UFC superstar Conor “Notorious” McGregor, emotions are all out. Let’s take this time to dissect if this in fact will be the greatest fight in history or just another PPV robbery.

You have to understand that McGregor has been doubted throughout his entire UFC career.

He even made reference to this during the MayweatherMcGregor world tour. “I overcame a triathlete in record time. They said the same thing about Jose Aldo and it only took me 13 seconds to put him to sleep.”

With that being said, I have doubted McGregor many times throughout his UFC career.

Then, took a step back into reality. The reality is he has NOT lost a single fight while standing up and has never been knocked out in his career.

McGregor’s plays much more physical and grueling compared to that of other boxers, so I honestly don’t see Conor getting knocked out or embarrassed.

To win this fight, Conor will need to land multiple punches. Against Floyd Mayweather, it’s almost near impossible.

Mayweather is the best defensive boxer the world has arguably ever seen. Just like how Conor is a beast in the octagon, Mayweather is the absolute same in the ring. After going 49-0, Mayweather always uses his famous catch phrase “49 have tried, and 49 have fu***** failed.”

Just to put this into perspective, this is like Mayweather telling McGregor he would destroy him in the octagon. Yeah…

It’s no secret that Mayweather should, and certainly, should feel confident heading into tonight’s fight. The Las Vegas Sportsbook holds Mayweather as the favorite (-500) and Mcgregor as the underdog (+450). So the odds are clearly in Mayweather’s favor.

The most interesting aspect about this fight that none of us have acknowledged is the fact that Mayweather has never fought an MMA fighter and vice Versace for McGregor.

This fight will come down to if McGregor can actually land some punches, even one.

Thoughts? We will have to wait and see. #MayweatherMcGregor