UFC 208 marked the inaugural bout in the women’s featherweight division between former bantamweight champion Holly Holm (10-2-0) and Germaine De Randamie (7-3-0).

In the opening round, each fighter wasted little time in advancing. Holm began throwing some punches that didn’t land and would land with an outside thigh kick; this continued throughout the fight. Randamie didn’t advance a whole lot on Holm, but would land some counter strikes when Holly came in for the thigh kick.

Round two continued like round one, Holm throwing strikes but in the end only landing weak thigh kicks. Holm controlled most of the fight in the clinch, and focused on getting a takedown, but would go 0-9 in five rounds. At the end of round, Randamie landed a huge shot on the jaw of Holly Holm, wobbling her; however, there was one problem — it was after the horn had sounded, signifying the end of the round. Randamie should have been given a warning but was not.

Holm attempts a clinch (Photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports)

Round three was mostly in the clinch, controlled by Holly. In the final 20 seconds of the round, Holly wobbled Germaine with a couple head kicks. In the closing seconds, Randamie began swinging, the horn sounded and she landed two more strikes to the head of Holm. This time a warning was issued, but a point should’ve been taken away as it was the second instance.

Round four consisted of each fighter trading leg kicks. Holm again was dominant in the clinch but couldn’t land a takedown. Randamie landed some huge body shots this round while they were in the clinch.

In round five, Holm began to land some head strikes while in clinch, something she didn’t do in the previous four rounds. Holm landed a huge hook that could’ve ended the fight if she kept throwing punches, but she was so focused on the clinch that she picked Randamie up and looked for another takedown. In the final minute, Germaine landed some big punches to the head, while incorporating powerful body kicks.

Randamie lands a puch to the head (photo courtesy of si.com)

The fight went the distance; all three judges scored the bout 48-47 in favor of Germaine De Randamie. It seemed Holm should’ve won based on the amount of time she controlled the fight: 8 minutes and 15 seconds, and she wobbled Randamie twice. Also, had a point been taken away from Germaine after the third round, Holm could have capitalized and won this fight.