While training for his August 26 boxing bout against 49-0 Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor has begun his preparation and so far… it hasn’t gone well.

A picture has leaked on the internet of McGregor supposedly getting knocked out by one of his trainers while training.

This is coming just a week after Mayweather and McGregor have completed their world tour to promote and engage audience members in the fight.

With McGregor already showing signs of this fight being a walk in the park for Mayweather, the only thing that Mayweather can and should do at this point is continue to laugh at the embarrassment.

By already showing signs of inadversity in the ring, it’s looking more and more like McGregor has absolutely no shot against Mayweather. The speed of McGregor is incredibly slow and due to the fact that Mayweather is the best defensive fighter ever, this fight will come down to technique.

McGregor, by far, has the punching power in this fight, but just strength alone doesn’t complete the job. For example, when Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao, Pacquiao had the punching power and ended up losing in decision.

Even though the press conferences have basically been a reality show and it feels like a preparation for Smackdown on WWE, it’s entertaining to see the likes of two separate worlds coming together under the biggest stage (even though they both only care about $).

So with that being said, by being knocked out by his trainer, McGregor is proving why boxing fans around the world hate this fight. They know it’s a joke. They know it’s for the money. That’s why the real boxing fight is GGG-Canelo. But, why not enjoy the show.

August 26. When the shit show finishes.