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Washington Might Actually Be A Team We Should Watch

For years, we’ve been fed the idea that the Washington Huskies are going to have a breakout season and some of us have actually bought into it. However, those of us who have bought into the Huskies at one point or another have probably felt pretty disappointed when they blow their season in conference play.

That was anything but the case over the weekend when the Huskies came back to Washington to face Christian McCaffrey and the Stanford Cardinal. Long story short, the Huskies not only beat Stanford, they absolutely obliterated them with a final score of 44-6.

Washington reclaimed their crown in the Pac-12 this past weekend by putting on one of the best performances this year against a ranked opponent. Statistically speaking, Washington could not have had a better game against a genuinely good opponent like Stanford.

They stopped Christian McCaffrey dead in his tracks on almost every single play and to put it bluntly, Washington’s run defense was downright unstoppable. It was clear from the beginning that the emphasis was going to be on the run defense and stopping McCaffrey on every single play.

For Washington, it was an endless barrage of blitzes and weird packages that made Stanford’s night a living nightmare. Stanford wasted nearly all of their resources to containing blitzes on the offensive line. However, the problem that caused was leaving UW’s linebackers free to go anywhere.

Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierria combined for 25 tackles on the night and although there were a couple of slip ups here and there, it never derailed the defense as a whole. Overall, the defense was simply spectacular and from the looks of it for Washington, they’re not stopping any time soon.

On the other end of things, Washington’s offense changed my mind a lot. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of their offensive line coming off of their first three games. But these past two weeks have been generally good for them. Washington kept subbing in players on the offensive line time and time again, which lead to Stanford’s defense never being able to get into even the slightest rhythm.

At the end of the night, Washington proved their worth. Even though we’ve been fed the narrative year after year, this may very well be the year that Washington actually breaks out. Every single part of this team from the top to the bottom has found a way to evolve in these past couple of weeks.

If Washington can keep finding ways to change their game every week, we might very well be watching a team that could sneak into the playoffs.

Bryan Fuller, MGoBlog
Bryan Fuller,

Okay, Let’s Talk About Michigan

Last week on ‘The Wrap Up,’ I said that I was probably going to have to write about this game and that’s because I thought that it might’ve actually been interesting! It wasn’t, but I’m a man of my word. Let’s talk about the Wolverines for the first time this season.

I’ll admit, Michigan is an elite team. Honestly, they’re good enough to make the playoffs as a second seed in my opinion. But there are problems and Wisconsin definitely played to them a lot.

For starters, Michigan needs to find a better kicker. Because I’m going to level with all of you, Kenny Allen and Mark Tice both looked incredibly bad. Frankly, they were almost unbelievably bad at doing even the simplest of field goals.

The only reason this game was as close as it was, was because of the lack of a good special team on Michigan’s behalf. If Michigan could’ve kicked just one field goal, we all could’ve shut our TV’s off and gone home knowing what the outcome was inevitably going to be.

Secondly, the offensive line is decent at best. To add onto the fact that they struggle a lot, their sophomore starter, Grant Newsome is now injured and from the looks of it initially, it’s not good. Michigan was already facing an uphill battle on the run game this year and his injury isn’t going to make life easy for the Wolverines.

But, if there’s a bright side to all this, it’s that Michigan did get a win against Wisconsin regardless of the offensive line or lack thereof and their atrocious special teams play. What won Michigan the game was their defense, which might very well be the best in the nation. Wisconsin simply could not get off the ground all game no matter what they tried.

It was an old school type of victory for the Wolverines. Hard nosed football, no trick plays. It was all about stuffing the offense and just running it down the middle. It might’ve been boring to some, but it’s nice to see Michigan returning to their roots here and there.

So with that being said, Michigan is on good track to make the Big 10 Championship and make the playoffs. But, since this is ‘The Wrap Up’ let’s poke a little bit of fun at Michigan. Like we always do.

Here’s a weird offensive formation that the Wolverines called. Let’s just say that Twitter had a field day with this…

I love the internet, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Mark Wallheiser,
Mark Wallheiser,

Florida State Sucks And We Should Embrace It Already

Ok, it’s possible that I’m overreacting but I think that Florida State sucks. It’s not the offense’s fault in my opinion! Not even in the slightest is it the offense’s fault. If we want to point the finger at the problems that lie with the Seminoles, it’s their defense.

Mitch Trubisky is an extremely talented quarterback, don’t get me wrong. But the Seminoles allowed him to throw for 31 of 38 passes for 405 yards. To put some salt on that wound, they also allowed him to throw for 3 touchdowns!

The Seminoles allowed him to gain confidence all through out the game and it was mainly because of Trubisky that the Tarheels were able to go on to have a game winning drive which lead to their game winning field goal. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

If we want to talk some more trash about the Seminoles defense, they never came close to stopping Ryan Switzer who caught 14 passes for 158 yards! Who was even guarding him!?

The point being is that Florida State’s defense really sucks and North Carolina was able to expose every little flaw, from the pass game to the running game. Speaking of their running game, T.J. Logan also looked good this game as he ran for 77 yards and a touchdown. He’s having a good senior season if I may add.

But back to Florida State, they were down 21-7 at halftime and they did a valiant effort of fighting back into it, despite their pitiful defense. The Seminoles did a good job of maintaining their composure and just keeping their heads up. But it was the defense that handed them their second loss.

Because once Florida State got themselves their first lead of the game at 35-34, it all came down to the defense making just one stop. As you might have guessed, they failed at doing so and allowed North Carolina to march from the 25 yard line off of great passing from Trubisky and awful coverage by every defensive back on the field.

After a pass interference call, it all came down to a field goal by Nick Weiler and if you haven’t seen it already, you should. Cause it’s pretty damn great.

I actually think that North Carolina might not be that bad this year. They may not be the best team in the ACC, but they are really a joy to watch when their offense is operating on all cylinders like it was this week.

As for Florida State, they suck this year. We should just embrace the fact that their defense is putrid and with that defense, there is no way they can compete in the ACC. They suck, so let’s just embrace it already.

Oh, Michigan State Also Sucks

Not much to say here other than the fact that Michigan State just lost to Indiana… Of all the teams in the world, they lost to Indiana…

Indiana just looked like they played smarter than a former Big 10 champion. Let that sink in for a moment.

If you want the story of the game, here it is: Michigan State tried to run the ball, and it didn’t work. Michigan State tried to pass the ball, and it didn’t work. Michigan State tried to defend a field goal, and it didn’t work.

The point is, nothing worked for Michigan State. For the first time this year, I can honestly say that it may have been Mark Dantonio‘s fault. Because for the whole game, there were a ton of questionable playcall decisions and a huge amount of personnel problems.

If I’m being honest, all Indiana had to do was show up and they were going to win. All they had to do was let Michigan State commit penalties, make bad decisions, and struggle to run.

So, apparently Michigan State also sucks. Because, c’mon man! Who loses to Indiana!?

Tyler Smith,

Lamar Jackson Is Still Going To Win The Heisman

This was the battle that we had been waiting for since the beginning of Lamar Jackson‘s rise to greatness. Since he started to look like one of the greatest college football quarterbacks, this was the matchup that we wanted to see. But did Watson VS Jackson live up to the expectations?

To put it bluntly, yeah. It was really good! Both Clemson and Louisville put everything they had on the line and neither team has a reason to be ashamed by the outcome. But as I said, we were here to see the battle of the decade between Jackson and Watson.

First off, let me start by saying that Deshaun Watson was amazing. He threw 20 of 41 for 306 yards and 5 touchdowns! Sure, there were 3 interceptions thrown but in the end, his game as a whole looked pretty good.

As for the rest of Clemson, they were good in the first half but beyond that, it was decent. To be specific, Clemson was physically dominant in the first half and put a lot of pressure on Lamar Jackson. It made the Cardinals look like they didn’t know what they were doing.

But once halftime hit, all their momentum slipped away from them. On the other side of things, Bobby Petrino instilled a fire under his guys. So much so, that when Watson threw an interception, it was the spark that lit Lamar Jackson’s fire.

Which now brings me to his game. Overall, he ran for 162 yards off of 31 carries and had 2 touchdowns along the way. Passing-wise, He threw for 295 yards and a touchdown, with only a single interception.

Let’s not dance around something though. Clemson has an elite defense, and the fact that Lamar Jackson was able to garner 457 total yards with 3 touchdowns should tell you just how good he is.

The only problem with all this is that the Cardinals just weren’t there to back him up defensively. Those stats that you saw up above from Deshaun Watson came solely off the fact that they had a hard time even putting a finger on him.

Clemson showed us why they’re a playoff team. As a team, they are complete. They can withstand someone like Lamar Jackson despite turning the ball over and they can hold onto their lead late in games.

But Louisville has no reason to be ashamed of the result of the game. They went down early in this game and just when everyone was starting to doubt them, they fought back into it the only way they know how. By just giving it to Lamar Jackson and just letting him do his thing.

Honestly, the only reason Lamar Jackson couldn’t cap off this comeback was because his wide receivers weren’t exactly doing him too many favors by not getting to the first down mark.

Lamar made the passes that needed to be made, but his team just couldn’t get it done in the end as they fell to the Tigers by a final score of 46-32 in what was an amazing QB battle.

Again though, don’t doubt Lamar Jackson. He’s still my pick to win the Heisman and there is no doubt about that in my mind. Not many players can pull his team back into the game single handedly.

Despite this loss, Jackson is still the cream of the crop as far as QB’s go in college football. He may have lost this battle in the minds of some, but he’s going to win this war.