Sunday, July 5

The U.S is keeping its celebration going!

First Women's World Cup Championship victory since 1999
First Women’s World Cup Championship victory since 1999

Right after every single American hopefully celebrated its country’s independence on July 4th, they have more to celebrate for today, and you can thank our U.S.A women’s world cup champions for that!

On Sunday, the United States defeated Japan 5-2 to secure their position as champions of the Women’s World Cup. They have not won since 1999. This year was a different story!

The Legacy

The last time the United States felt the championship trophy was in 1999 when they beat China in a penalty shootout. This year, they had other things in mind.

The U.S, led by a first half hat trick (3 goals) by Carlie Lloyd, cruised to a 5-2 victory over Japan, which took it away four years ago in Germany in a penalty shootout.

Carlie Lloyd began the game with a deadly look in her eye. She began in the 3rd minute of the game when she poked in a left-footed shot on Japanese goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori, after a corner by teammate Megan Rapinoe.

Carlie Lloyd scores 3 goals in the victory!
Carlie Lloyd scores 3 goals in the victory!

Two minutes later, Lloyd again! She put in a loose ball from about six yards after a scramble of the Japanese women after a flick on the near post. The U.S went on a very early 2-0, with no signs of ever looking back.

Shortly after in the 14th minute, Lauren Holiday capitalized a volley off a poorly cleared defensive header. This was yet another mistake from Japan, leading to a 0-3 hole.

Two minutes later, Carlie Lloyd chipped the ball over a helpless Kaihori (Japan’s goalkeeper)  from the midfield line, completing her astonishing hat trick.

Japan was able to score in the 27th minute from a shot by Yuki Ogimi, which had just went over Hope Solo in the top left corner of the net. However, this was not nearly enough.

The U.S went to the break with a 4-1 advantage and then came out to finish the game with a 5-2 blowout.

This is truly something to be happy about. Having this world cup under the American belt is something to be proud of. After a month of hard work and dedication, our women’s world cup champions are on a whole other level. Now, we look forward to the men and hope to see success in them also.

Let me know what you guys did to celebrate our country’s independence, and how you are planning on celebrating yet another victory in this great country. Thank you!

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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